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In this current post, we will present A3 STILL ALIVE game, their features and specifications.

A3: STILL ALIVE gameplay and features

About this game

A3: STILL ALIVE is a dark fantasy open-world RPG with a fully integrated battle royale mode on mobile.


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Game Features

  • A3: STILL ALIVE offers various competitive PvP battle modes that players can enjoy solo or with a group.
  • Dark Presence: Open-field 100 vs 100 large scale battle mode with unrestricted PK between two teams in the darkness! Fight to survive under the darkness of a red moon.
  • Beware! Your allies or guild members might suddenly become enemies!
  • Try to survive the darkness with your team by defeating berserk players!
  • Battle Royale: A survival game mode that ends with a sole victor.
  • A real-time battle for survival where 30 players fight under the same conditions!
  • Experience the tension that comes with fog of war as the battlefield shrinks with every passing moment.
  • Earn rare and exclusive loot by becoming the final survivor!
  • Soul Linkers: The next generation of battle partners.
  • No need to fight all alone!
  • Strategically select your Soul Linkers based on the situation to become the ruler of the battlefield! There are over 270+ different kinds of Soul Linkers sorted into 3 types: ATK, DEF, and SUPP.
  • Become the ruler of the battlefield with the aide your Soul Linker’s Ultimate powers!
  • Guilds: Tackle various strategic battles with fellow guild members.
  • Conquest Steal or be stolen from! Conquer more territory while battling the opposing guild!
  • Forte’s Seal Enjoy multiplayer mode with guild-exclusive raids!
  • [Guild Festival] Participate in the festival in your guild hall with fellow guild members to acquire a number of Guild Chests that contain special items!
  • Vast Open World!
  • Explore rich environments such as snowfields, deserts, forests, and more!

5 Different Classes With Unique Play Styles

  • Templar A magical melee character who uses a hammer to draw the holy power from within and a thick shield to withstand oncoming attacks.
  • Wizard A magical ranged character who uses a spellbinding ring to unload powerful attacks.
  • Berserker A physical melee character who wields a great axe and a cursed power to pulverize the enemy.
  • Archer A physical ranged character who uses accurate shots and agile movements to toy with the enemy.
  • Assassin A physical melee character who dives deep into enemy lines to unleash a sequence of attacks.


Requires Android: Varies with device

Developer: Netmarble

Size: Varies with device

Genre: Role Playing

Game Trailer

What’s New

-1 million download celebration event!

– Recommended server selection
– Server time display
– Client stability

Download the game from the download button below:

Source: Google Play

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