Apex Legends 5: Tier List Best Legends

Tier List and the Best Legends in Apex Legends

You hesitate on the Legend which you wish to play? No more need now with the list of the best Apex Legends!

Best Legends in Apex Legends

Season 5 of Apex Legends has just arrived, offering 13 legends with completely different gameplay. As the updates go, each one becomes more or less powerful. But since this changes frequently, who stands out right now? With this tier list of Legends from Apex Legends, you will have your answer!

Here it is our Tier List Best Legends:

Tier S

Gibraltar tier list S


Thanks to its numerous protections, Gibraltar stands out as a very efficient tank. He is therefore able to take a lot of damage for his allies with his Passive – Armor Armor. It can also be much more useful, with its protective A – Dome, preventing its allies from being hit, while allowing them to heal and resuscitate more quickly.

Wraith legend tier S


In addition to being able to easily spot nearby enemies with its Passive – Void of the Void, Wraith is also able to offer a lot of mobility to its team. His W – Dimensional flaw allows his team to teleport from one place to another, when they take advantage of their A – In a vacuum in order to escape difficult situations.

Tier A

Wattson Apex Legends Tier A


After studying electricity from all angles, Wattson finally used it as a weapon. Thanks to its Passive – Flash of genius, it benefits more regularly from its A – Perimeter of security which helps it to keep its adversaries at a distance. If one of them tends to get too close, he is trapped, and Wattson deploys his W – Interceptor Pylon to keep his team in top form.

Caustic legend


A former pesticide researcher, Caustic diverted his work to create very violent harmful smoke bombs. With his gas mask, he takes advantage of the Passive – Vision Nox, which allows him to see through his clouds of gas. The latter are released by Caustic when he uses his A – Nox gas trap, or his W – Nox gas grenade. Deadly for all organic beings, this gas is the scientist’s main weapon.


Very comfortable with technology, Crypto is an outstanding hacker who has had the luxury of having his own drones. On this occasion, he uses them for all kinds of things. Thanks to his Passive – Neurolien, he communicates directly with the machine, allowing him to discover the location of his opponents within a short radius. But he also uses it as a W – Drone IEM to disturb his enemies in combat and weaken them.

Revenant Apex legends best legend


Thanks to its robotic improvements, Revenant benefits from increased physical capacities. Thus, his Passive – Tracker allows him to squat lower, and to make inhuman jumps. Using his mechanism, he reduces his opponents to A – Silence, rendering them unable to act for a few seconds, giving his team a significant advantage. Able to save its data in a W – Frag Totem, Revenant can flee from death.

Tier B

Loba best legends


Having witnessed the murder of her parents at the age of 9, Loba had to survive alone. She therefore became an outstanding pickpocket, even offering her a Passive – Sharp Look. She takes advantage of this to locate the spoils, before stealing them thanks to the W – Black Market Boutique. But she also had to contend with chases, which led her to use a grappling strap, her A – Rise. It is particularly tough thanks to its mobility.

Mirage Apex best legends


Passionate about technology, Mirage immersed himself in engineering to mix his two passions: engineering and illusionism. Thanks to this, he was able to develop machines capable of camouflaging it during a fight. Thus, with his W – Disappearance, Mirage takes his opponents by surprise while they are busy getting rid of his A – Deterrence.


A perfect soldier, Bangalore knows the horrors of war and knows how to escape them. It thus benefits from increased mobility thanks to its Passive – No load, while it can escape the vigilance of its adversaries by using an A – Smoke lance. On the other hand, when she needs to fight, she can call on a roaring W – Thunder who punishes the unfortunate people who try to approach.


A master in the art of stalking, Bloodhound follows in the footsteps of its enemies to hunt and shoot them down thanks to its Passive – Tracker. When he concentrates, his A – Eye of the Stormmaker allows him to be more alert about his environment and allows him to avoid traps. But as soon as he spots a prey, the hunter becomes a W – Predator and pursues his victim.


With the help of its biotic improvements, Octane hopes to become the champions of the Apex games, while having style! He is rather helped in his task, thanks to the Passive – Stim that his outfit gives him, as well as the A – Stimulant. With this, he becomes more efficient, but is also able to heal quickly in combat. But since he has to do it big, and the stunts do not make him can, he uses a W – Springboard to throw himself into the fray with his allies.

Tier C

Pathfinder Best Legends list


Like Wraith, Pathfinder benefits from increased mobility. He then reaches out of reach areas with his A – Grapple. His team also benefits thanks to his W – Zipline launcher. He also takes advantage of his Passive – Insider trading to prepare the next moves of his team

Lifeline Apex Legends tier list


A true savior at heart, Lifeline dedicates her life to helping the lives of others. Her Passive – Combat Rescuer proves it, healing has no secrets for her. With the help of A – DOC Drone of Osteo-Compassion it protects its allies and keeps them as far as possible out of danger. When possible, she uses a support W-Pack to improve her team’s defenses.

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