Apex Legends: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Tips and Tricks To start well Apex Legends

In this current post, we will list for you some basic tips and tricks that will help you to start well in Apex Legends.

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In order to kick start you Apex Legends career, you have to get some tips to start well. You need to stay harsh, use wits and keep your friends close from you.

Choose Well your Legend

In Apex Legends Arena, legends are sub grouped with speed, strength and firepower. So you have to choose the legend who match your playway.

Here it is a guide that can help you to choose your legend: Apex Legends 5: Tier List Best Legends.

Stay Together

Unity Makes Strength“: This precept takes on its full meaning in Apex Legends. It drops you into the arena with two team members by your side. Mutually insure your back and develop winning strategies by combining your abilities wisely. Wraith‘s Dimensional Rift, for example, can land his entire team in contact with an unexpected opponent. While Caustic can protect his allies by chasing the enemy with his Nox gas.

If you attempt to attack solo, you will face other teams that are likely to take a bite of you. Bend your elbows together and you are more likely to win!

Use contextual communications to keep in touch with your allies

You can transmit and receive critical information to your teammates. This through an integrated system that lets you flag useful places and items on their screen.

It is thus possible to help them locate pieces of equipment (and indicate their nature). And also identify threats and show your allies which direction you are going before you even plug in your microphone. Use this function to show what you see to your allies and keep them informed in real time.

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Revive and re-spawn your allies

A close-knit squad can do something extremely useful that no legend can do on its own. Snatch each other from the clutches of death. When your health falls to the lowest point, you find yourself out of combat. You are still alive, but you need medical help. If you die before your allies can provide it, they have one last chance to save you.

Each Legend carries a banner of Legend which it leaves behind when it dies. Only his allies can pick it up. Bring this Legend back to life by bringing it to a re-spawn tag. The maneuver is risky because the reappearance process is long and the player resumes the game without weapons or armor. A successful resurrection can nevertheless save a team on the brink of defeat. Don’t miss the opportunity when it presents itself!

Avoid the mess

You never know what you’ll find in the arena, so do not hesitate to pick up what you come across. Armor, weapon accessories, backpack enhancements for carrying more items are scattered across the entire arena for you. The inventory system automatically tells you if a weapon or piece of equipment is better. Than the one you already have so you don’t have to clutter up with lesser-quality items. So you don’t risk taking something that is useless to you in the panic.

You and your allies can help each other by sharing the location of the items you have spotted. This reporting system also informs you of the level of rarity of an object to prevent you from missing those that are really worth it. Also remember to strip enemy corpses of their equipment: when they die, they leave behind a crate that often contains quality items. Always be on the lookout, because the slightest piece of armor can save your life sooner or later!

Familiarize With the Arena

The map on which all the parts of Apex take place, dubbed Kings Canyon, is a deadly playground filled with abandoned military installations on which nature has taken back its rights. It combines many different types of terrain, ranging from the open field to the enamelled marsh of abandoned buildings, passing through a vast desert full of decrepit outposts. You will gradually learn how to maneuver best, where the disputed areas are and where to find the best loot.

This knowledge will be particularly useful to you when the ring begins to shrink. In the purest Battle Royale style, the arena is indeed surrounded by a giant ring that shrinks at regular intervals during the game. Hurry up and pick up all the items you need without being outside. As you lose life for every second you spend outside the ring. Knowing your environment will help you make decisions faster and maneuver more efficiently.

Look for the right stuff, but stay safe

The quality of the loot varies from area to area. The higher level of your weapon or armor, the more powerful equipment and the more likely you are to end the game. Some places on the map are always full of high-level objects. Which means that everyone will try to get there first. The real goose that lays the golden eggs is the transport ships that position themselves at random places on the map. And offer those who find them the most powerful loot in the game.

Apex Legends map tips

At the start of each game, you have neither weapon nor armor. You must choose each time if you want to run the risk of visiting these hideouts with high rewards. As for where they are … We let you find out for yourself!

Take advantage of jump towers, hot spots and other features

Kings Canyon is full of semi-permanent map elements that you can use to take advantage. Jump tours allow your whole team to travel long distances quickly by air. The hot zones give you access to high-end objects, provided you get there first. Spawn tags can bring your downed allies back to life.

To get out of trouble, learn how to use it to breathe new life into your team’s strategy. And it’s worth at least as much as a new gun in your arsenal!

These was some tips and tricks for Apex Legends beginners. We hope this reaches you time.

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