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In this current post, we will present Auto Brawl Chess game, their features and specifications.

Auto Brawl Chess: Battle Royale gameplay

About this game

Auto Brawl Chess: Battle Royale is an autobattler strategy RPG game, in the royal battle genre. Enjoy classic auto chess mechanics plus fast-paced 5-minute matches, ranked and insane mode. On top of that, PvE and PvP mode, guild wars, dungeons, and a whole PvE campaign called “Journey”. The most unique and complete auto chess like game where strategy is a key, but luck also plays a role!


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We explored the whole genre to bring to you all of the best features and mechanics all of the autobattlers and much more of the new stuff from us:

  • Quick matchmaking and Fast 5-Minute Battles;
  • A variety of competitive modes: PvP mode, Ranked Clashes, Guild Wars, Battle Royale;
  • A lore-rich campaign “Journey” with an epic story involving many different worlds;
  • Numerous mechanics and idle quest system;
  • High-quality polished visual style;
  • 100+ fantasy heroes with their own storyline and a specific Faction and a Class
  • Loads of hero combinations allowing you to build the strongest synergy set.


Requires Android: 8.0 and up


Size: 59M

Genre: Strategy

You can level up your heroes and craft/enhance their equipment outside the battle.

Join Auto Brawl Chess and prove yourself by unique gameplay, boost your Heroes, get rewarded just for playing the game. Complete the quests, join the battles and you will receive EXTRA bonuses from the CHESS PASS.
Good Luck, player, and try to win first place in ABC!

What’s New

  • Events were updated; a new event will start every week!
  • New animations and visual effects were added.
  • Lancelot got a complete visual update with new sprite and animations!
  • Novice daily bonus rewards were changed.
  • Issues with locked event quests were fixed.
  • Issues with heroes not unlocking after meeting unlock requirements were fixed.
  • Several other bug fixes.


Download the game from the download button below:

Source: Google Play

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