Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Tips

Tips for graphics, interface and sound options for Warzone

Discover our Call of Duty Warzone tips for graphics options, interface configuration and also sound for better performance, both on PC and on consoles. Our tips mainly take into account the gain in visibility and information, in order to gain small advantages compared to other players using a basic configuration.

General options to improve your performance on Warzone

While many things (mouse sensitivity, keybind) are personal, a few options are crucial to gaining visibility and performance on Warzone. Here is our list of options to change to win in the Battle Royale. Everything can be set to low or even normal except for the impact of balls and sprays which must be activated.

About shadows and lights options, everything can be disabled or placed in normal (or weak if your configuration is a little old). Keep the ambient occlusion on the “both” option, however, while normal particle lighting is generally better than weak.

Graphics options for better viewing on Warzone

Good and better to see on a FPS is very important. It’s all the more important on a game like Warzone where the map is very large. Thus, there are graphic options to deactivate or modify in order to improve your gaming experience as well as sometimes performance.

In the basic graphics options :

  • Increase the field of vision should be set to 120
  • Disable depth of field
  • Reduce the grain of the image to 0
  • Disable camera blur (without)
  • Disable weapon motion blur (without)

Change the minimap to square shape

The mini-map or minimap for some, is very important on Warzone. Since it allows you to follow objectives, find buying stations or even display enemies and their vehicle.

Thus, the option in square mode allows to enlarge this area a little bit, giving more information to the players. Note that some players prefer to have the rotation of the mini-map activated.

To change it, go to the options> general> ATH> shape of the mini-map.

Sound options, sound tips for winning on Warzone

Sound and movement management was widely criticized when Modern Warfare was released. However, while some problems have been fixed, others remain like the relative silence of certain movements compared to others.

In order to better hear your opponents, it is generally advisable to use Boost or Boost (bass) options in the audio mixing options. In addition, the following values can be changed :

  • Effects volume: as high as possible
  • Music volume: to 0
  • Dialog volume: about half the volume level of the effects

Adjust the aiming aid for joystick and console

Another point to note here is the aiming aid for joystick users. Whether you are on a PC or console, aiming aid is very important if you are playing with a controller. We recommend that you use the standard aiming aid option.

The type of aiming response curve is generally more interesting in linear mode, for a more natural result.

Here it is some Call of Duty Warzone Tips for graphics, interface, sound options, but also to change the minimap and assist lik for Warzone.

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