Call of Duty Warzone: Season 3, Complete Guide

Bunkers are accessible for Call Of Duty Warzone Season 3

Here it is our complete guide for Call Of Duty Warzone Season 3. There was an update to Call of Duty: Warzone and players quickly realized something new. The inaccessible front bunkers are today! We will explain to you how to get there and what you’ll get there.


To visit a bunker, you will have to be a little patient. In fact, you will need to open the front door, which requires a specific object, the red access card. Until then useless, it risks becoming the object of all lusts.

Call Of Duty Red access card RobustGame

To find them, there are not 50 solutions. The first and the easiest is to search orange rarity chests in the hope of getting hold of it. You can also loot an opponent you just killed. Finally, it would seem that Scavenger contracts make it possible to have them on very rare occasions.


There are more than 10 bunkers on the Warzone map. Note that they are all at the edge of the map, so this is where you will have to go to find them. To help you, we have indicated them on the map below.

bunkers on the warzone map Call of duty guide


After you’ve gone to such trouble, you’re probably want to know what you can find inside these bunkers. Well, the answer is simple, loot, tons of loot in the form of high rarity chests. But that’s not all.

Indeed, you will also find there another door which for the moment seems impossible to open. Some players have even found phones with a message in Russian saying “All databases are captured, change the encryption now”. Others have found weapon schemes and a mysterious tally ending at 1. So there is no doubt that this teases the future of Warzone in the same way that other Battle already do. Royale like Fortnite or Apex Legends.

what we find in bunkers

here was an update to Call of Duty Warzone. Here it is our complete guide for Call Of Duty Warzone Season 3.

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