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In this current post, we will present CarX Drift Racing 2 game, their features and specifications.

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About this game

Have you been dreaming of sliding sideways through corners at top speed leaving clouds of smoke and the sound of squealing tires behind you? Have you been dreaming of standing on the podium one day with the champion’s trophy in your hand?
CarX Drift Racing 2 is your ticket to the world where all such dreams become reality!

Millions of our fans around the world are already enjoying it all. Now it’s your turn!
Be prepared to become so addicted to the level of realism and the thrill that you won’t stop playing for hours. Remember to take a break every once in a while.


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– Exceptionally lifelike physics created based on telemetry data collected on the real track.
– Your driving experience will vary based on the way you tune your car and the terrain (asphalt, snow, grass, sand).

– Complete two runs as Leader and Chaser just the way they do it in real life drifting competitions.
– XDS system is an electronic version of the competition judging system.
– Your final score is based on your speed, proximity to the other contender, how well you synchronize with the other car and many more.

– Division tournament table just like in real life racing
– New championships every 10 minutes
– Compete against other players
– Higher rating gives access to prestigious championships
– Unique trophies and high payoffs for winners

– Over 65 cars are available for tuning and customization
– 16 unique tracks: from parking to mountain peaks
– Real tracks used as drift competition venues such as Atron, Red Ring and others.

– Extensive exterior customization. Choose your rims, skirting, body kits and more
– Exterior and dashboard customization
– In-depth “under the hood” customization of your engine, transmission, turbo, coilovers and springs
– You decide how your car will behave on the road
– If you’re good at tuning, sell your presets to other players through “Tuning Workshop”
– Enjoy a great variety of vinyls: over 400 to choose from
“Livery Workshop” is number one stop to offer your liveries for sale or buy them from others

– “Campaign Mode” offers various leagues and trophies
– “Ghost Mode” is designed to let you practice your drifting skills and check how well you have tuned your car
– Enjoy weekly events with unique cars as your trophy
– “Clubs” is the place to hang out with like-minded racers


Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Developer: CarX Technologies

Size: 69M

Genre: Racing – Sports

Game Trailer

What’s New

  • DP based “Top 32” competitions have been added;
  • Video replay offers an off-drone recording option;
  • Two new campaign chapters have been added;
  • Pilot has been animated;
  • Enjoy three new cars: Patron GT, Сorona & Unicorn;
  • Try out new body kits;
  • New rim categories have been added;
  • Kiss the Wall is now available off any wall;
  • You can now paint your exterior;
  • You can now paint front and rear lights;
  • Overall optimization and bugfixing.

Finally download the game from the download button below:

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