Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

Tips, Tricks and cheats to succeed Clash of Clans

We will list for you a list of tips players should know about Clash of Clans in order to succeed the game by climbing the ranks quickly. So, no matter what what level you are at, you can follow these tricks and tips.

Clash of Clans is a game where the player is a chief of a village building his own village using the resources gained from attacking other players through the game’s fighting features. The main resources are gold, elixir and dark elixir

Due to the multiplayer raids, players can get or lose trophies in order to determine rank and band together in clan to earn more loot in sprawling group battles.

1- Build storage units as many as possible

 Clash of Clans tips building storage

While Clash of Clans is a strategy game, and in order to get anywhere, you need to build as many resource collectors as possible.

At first, you should focus on resource collection. Make sure you build the maximum number of Gold and Elixir collectors allowed by your Town Hall.

If you want to level up your Town Hall quickly, you have to store resources in vast quantities and especially in the early stages of the game.

2- Save your stones

 Clash of Clans save your stones tips

Warning! Do not absolutely spend your precious gems on speeding up production. You should keep them for something more important that you get to keep like building huts.

Boosting your own production buildings is much more better than buying resources outright with gems.

Therefore, when you collect enough gems and before you make another major purchase. Think hard about your priorities in this game.

It should be noted that you’ll have a hard time getting through the competitive end-game content without spending some dimes.

3- Offense is the best defense

 Clash of Clans upgrade to level 5

The variation of upgrades and building is related on if you want to take the fight to other players or to sit back and collect resources.

Your first upgrade should be your town hall if defense is your primary interest. Then walls, then defensive structures – first mortar, then archer tower, then cannons.

At first, make sure that mortar and air defense are close to the middle and protected cause they are your most important towers.

After that, make sure that your resource production buildings are fully upgraded. Sometimes, player can forget to farm some elixir so other players can farm them without destroying everything they have,

Also, try to don’t be in a rush to upgrade your town hall if you’re playing defensively. Don’t forget that players with higher level town halls earn less from raiding lower-level players. It doesn’t mean that you should neglect your barracks, you can queue up troops to train there. Then get a refund on those in the queue, later on, turning your barracks into a kind of temporary, unraidable elixir storage.

4- Shields up!

 Clash of Clans tips shield

If 30% of your town is destroyed or your Town Hall comes crumbling down, you’ll have a 12 hour shield. 4 extra hours are given if 90% of your base is wiped out.

Then, don’t use this spare time wrongly! Especially, don’t go out and start attacking right away because that will cancel out your shield immediately. Use this time figuring out how you can improve your economy. Build up your army, upgrade towers and spend resources before the pain train comes rolling around again.

Shields are useful enough that you may even want to voluntarily move your town hall out into the open. You’ll lose trophies and some resources. But often the amount of safety time you get out of it is worth it. If you get really itchy for battle, remember that Clan Wars don’t affect your shield timers at all.

Finally, you can’t be attacked while you’re online and playing. If you can keep your phone running the game all day, it’s an easy way to stay secure because . Don’t also forget to follow up those tips and tricks in order to Succeed Clash of Clans.

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