Clash Royale : Tips for Beginners Part 1

Have a Good Start! Tips and Tricks for Clash Royale Beginners

Here it is a list of tips to help Clash Royale beginners . Have you just installed the game and wondered what are the best techniques to get started in this strategy game?

Clash Royale tips for beginners

Clash Royale goal is simple. Two people compete on a map where each one has two turrets on each side and a main turret in the center. The winner is whose destroys more turrets than their competitor. If after the allotted time the number of destroyed turrets is the same on both sides, there will be an extension where the first one who destroys a turret will win. If no player manages to decide, they will be tied.

You have to use different types of cards to destroy the opposing turrets : ground troops and air troops in particular.

With these tips, you will have all the cards in hand for a solid foundation.

1- Don’t go hunting for trophies

Just take your time!

Practically, trying to accumulate the greatest number of victories and trophies is the first mistake made by beginners.

Why do not get too many trophies quickly? it’s simple. As everywhere, a solid base is essential. During the first hours of the game, the goal is to get as many interesting cards as possible by unlocking them.

There are different arenas in the game and when you get a number of trophies, you’ll pass to the next arena. Each arena has a number of cards to unlock. If you don’t unlock them, you can always do it if you move to the upper arena. But, as the number of cards increases from arena to an other, you will be less likely to have the card you want appear randomly in a chest.

The cards you need to get started are : Prince (huge strike force to destroy turrets), Baby Dragon (excellent in defense and attack with the excellent advantage of doing zone damage), Witch (good strike force and damage to land and air areas) and Giant (superb tank).

2- Build an optimized deck with your cards

A deck is the cards you have available to you during the battle. You can choose 8 cards from the set of cards at your disposal.

At the start, you have to think about balance for an optimized deck :

  • Use both powerful aerial (area damage) and land maps.
  • Don’t only use powerful cards that require too much elixir (consider including a few cards that do not necessarily require 4 or 5 elixir).

3- Spend your gems and gold wisely

At first, you may be tempted to spend your 100 gems in order to open chests faster. Big mistake! Gems are terribly rare in Clash Royale.

Here it is a tip to follow in order to use your resources wisely :

  • Build your optimized deck.
  • Use your gold only to level up the cards in your deck

If you only have low cost elixir cards, you won’t have enough punching force. And if you only have cards with high cost of elixir, you will not have time to place them. A good compromise is an average deck elixir cost around 4.

4- Take your opponents as a lesson from the start

As a rule, the best defense is attack! This is not true for Clash Royale. You have at your disposal your two ramparts on each side. Namely the turrets which have a firepower making it possible to largely counter attacks of goblins in single file coming from huts for example.

Here is the method :

  • Let your opponent lay his first card, he will usually put his second card there 1 second later.
  • Let his card slightly exceed the small bridge so that it is within range of your turret.
  • Depending on the first card he places, you will choose to counter it : if he places Giant (a good number of life points), you will counter for example with a Pekka (which will quickly reduce the life points of Giant).
  • You will therefore have your turret which will pound the giant in this example in addition to your pekka.
  • Your pekka will surely have all its health points and it can counter attack directly on the opposing turret.

5- Place your cards in strategic places

If you seem overwhelmed by events, drop your card behind your turret. Your attacker will focus on the turret and you will attack him both with your turret but also with your card. Try to put down a multi-character “zone” card of the “3 goblin pack”, “witch and his 3 skeletons ”.

If you destroy your opponent, as said above, you will in turn attack. You will have defended without losing cards with luck and you will benefit from the counter attack. If you place another card, you will benefit from the mass attack effect.

Above all, have fun!

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