Clash Royale : Tips for Beginners Part 2

Have a Good Start! Tips and Tricks for Clash Royale Beginners

In this current post, we will continue the list of tips for beginners part 2 for Clash Royale players. An other list was posted in part 1 .

Clash Royale tips and tricks

1- Wait until you have a full elixir bar to attack

Mass attack usually pays off in Clash Royale. Sending a card one after the other is sure to see his attack wiped out. By placing two maps at once (land and air maps for example), it’s with a much more interesting strike force. This is one of the basics of the game to be implemented all the time.

2- How to overcome each card

You’ll not be in charge of the order in which your decks appear. However, you can control the cleaning of the map :

If your opponent places Baby Dragon in front of your turret, do not place Pekka. But rather a musketeer or Baby Dragon who can reach it in the air. If your opponent poses a rider, do not put a valkyrie which will be almost “one-shot” (as much elixir to spoil). But rather a mini dragon or a giant that will serve as a tank. (the rider will try to kill your Giant while your turret will target the opposing rider).

3- Know the main types of strategies

Opponent players are often seen placing a hut behind a turret at the very beginning to create a steady stream of goblins. Perfect, it’s as much lost elixir for him if he does not place any card on this side. Let the goblins sink head down on your turret, she will take care of it very easily. Take the opportunity to attack on the opposite line. He will have spent 4 or 5 elixir and will not be able to fight back if you place two cards.

Some opponents place their rider from the start. If this is the case, try to place a giant that will serve as a tank, your turret will smash the rider. Place a hut if you can behind your turret because there is a good chance that your opponent will replay a knight. Your goblins en masse armed with their spear will be an additional strike force in front of the rider who will again have to take care of your giant that you will replace while your goblins and your turret will attack him. You will kill it faster and can therefore have a slight advantage on the counter attack.

If your opponent is playing spawn cards (skeletons, goblins), they will usually place them behind a turret. Try to clean up these spawn areas by sending a fireball or a pack of goblins that you will place between the opposing turret and the spawn point. This will do damage to both the turret and the spawn area. If you repeat this a few times, the turret will have its health reduced.

4- Join a clan and be generous

When you can, joining a clan pays off quickly. You can ask for cards to increase the levels of cards in your deck. You can also give cards that will allow you to gain both gold and experience.

Obviously, if you donate rare cards, you will gain more gold and experience. This is enough to progress fairly quickly. Don’t be stingy, the more you give, the more you will be rewarded. With the gold collected, you can for example buy an epic card from time to time in the shop.

Little tip : when you join a clan, you will get 100 gems. You will no longer have any reason to play without the support of a clan.

5- Play and learn on the job

As the old saying goes, it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith. It is only by playing regularly (this does not mean intensively) that you will acquire automatisms. Throw without thinking this card to counter such card, deploy such or such strategy according to your opponent’s deck.

Above all, have fun!

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