Dauntless: Ramsgate, the hub city

Dauntless Ramsgate the Hub City

In this current post, we will list for you some informations about Dauntless Ramsgate city the hub of the game. The town of Ramsgate will be a recurring spot on your adventures. You will find a good number of characters and shops to help you and strengthen your capacities.


This seasoned hunter is your first quest giver in the game. You will often come back to speak to her to improve your skills and abilities. Do not hesitate to consult its requested objectives to know which hunts to launch and which monsters to kill to progress quickly.


Your best allies to become stronger in the world of Dauntless. There is a blacksmith dedicated to weapons and another for armor. Be aware, however, that both use the same resources so think carefully about what you need most.

Once an item of equipment is created, it is unlocked for life and cannot be bought back but only upgraded.


Available to the right of the Ramsgate entrance, the game store allows you to buy items and cosmetics for a few euros. It is also possible to buy the hunting pass.


These strange kunais are present every day in the streets of Ramsgate. Collecting them can be very interesting to get loot or free objects.

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