Dauntless Tips: The Behemoths

The Behemoth – Complete Dauntless Guide

In this current post, we will list for you some tips and steps to avoid the behemoths and get ready in Dauntless.

the behemoths dauntless tips

Dauntless is a farm game. You will spend many hours alone or with others to defeat the dangerous Behemoth. As you hunt, you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the power of these monstrosities.

Gigantic creatures with special abilities and charged with a mystical energy called ether. A good hunter is one who prepares before facing mother nature. Here are some steps and tips for your upcoming games.


Before even embarking on a hunt, choose the type of Behemoth you will face. If he is not always sure of the exact monster you will encounter, you can insure the creature’s item. There are four elements: fire, ice, lightning and earth.

So take armor of the same type as the Behemoth that you are going to face and equip a weapon with an opposite element. Take your tonics, your lantern and your best cells to significantly increase your chances of survival.


The game maps are large and full of useful resources for crafting tonics or equipment. But do not delay your exploration too much and try to find the Behemoth of the area. To do this, keep your senses alert and pay attention to its cry from afar. You can also hear it growling if you are nearby or even observe the movements of birds disturbed by the beast.

Last clue to find the Behemoth: the ether fountains. These are small crevices in the ground that allow you to recharge your hunter lantern and regain hit points. The latter are only activated, however, in the presence of a nearby Behemoth!


When you have spotted a Behemoth, launch fireworks with the shortcut dedicated to emotes to warn your allies. Similarly, stay alert to the signs of your allies if they have found the beast before you!


The behemoths are all very different and that is perhaps what makes them so dangerous. Some are slow and take a lot of attacks, others can fly away and some can even make themselves invincible for a while!

The best way to do damage and recover useful resources is to slice parts of Behemoth. Whether it’s the tail, the horns or the legs, the harder you are on a game, the more likely you are to cut it. This will drop the Behemoth to the ground for a few seconds in addition to granting you precious parts for the craft.


Any Behemoth is capable of becoming enraged by initiating an area attack around him. The monster then turns red and attacks much faster than usual. So keep your distance until it runs out on its own.


A well-damaged behemoth will always try to escape. This part will allow you to rest a little but so will he! So don’t delay too long and quickly find his trace by following the advice of the hunt to finish him off.

These was our tips to defend to the behemoths in Dauntless. Know more about the game via : http://gamerobust.com/dauntless-epic-games/

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