Dauntless Tips: Improve weapons and armor

Dauntless: Tips and guide to improve weapons and armor

In this current post, we will list for you some tips to improve your weapons and armor in Dauntless game.

Dauntless improve weapons

Dauntless is a farm game. You will spend many hours alone or with others to defeat the dangerous Behemoth. As you hunt, you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the power of these monstrosities which will gain in thickness and savagery. So don’t waste time running to the forge or your mastery menu!

Improve Weapons and armor


The best way to improve in Dauntless (apart from mastering your weapon to perfection) is to equip yourself with weapons and armor. To make such equipment, go to the corner of the forge at Ramsgate.

There you will find two separate forges dedicated to weapons and armor. In order to shape an equipment, it is necessary to have the necessary materials! The latter are obtained by hunting Behemoths. For example, by farming the Embermane Behemoth, you will get parts of the monster to forge or strengthen the armor of the same name!


The simple act of creating a weapon or defeating a Behemoth allows you to increase your corresponding level of mastery. There are a multitude of different masteries (one for each weapon, type of weapon and Behemoth). Increasing them gives you different rewards like gold or other useful resources for your adventures. Do not hesitate to consult the Masters menu regularly to find out which quest to launch!

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