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About this game

The Most Anticipated Game award – Unreal Open Day 2019
The Best Game For 5G – The 16th IMGA


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The new function mysteriously opens, collect runes and form mysterious Runewords!


The mysterious Rubber Duck sent an invitation. In order to satisfy the discerning tastes of more guests, you are required to go and assist;
In the Go! Kitchen! event, players can complete higher-quality dishes in the shortest time with their friendsand win the favor of Rubber Duck;
Clear Go! Kitchen! and get a star rating to get kitchen badges, use the kitchen badges to redeem Avatar Hotdog Baby, Avatar Encounter, Avatar Frame God of Appetite, Title Lunacy before Finger Dinner, Title Can’t Stop at All, Title Smart at the point store And other rewards;
Pass the designated level and achieve the required evaluation to get rewards such as Kitchen Supply and Kitchen Badge, once a week;


Created with Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja is a next-generation open world mobile game that offers a gigantic, immersive world through the use of cutting-edge technology and stunning graphics. Dragon Raja also uses a simulated physical collision system and optical motion capture technology to deliver a “smart” in-game environment that maximizes players’ gaming experiences. Its fantastic graphics will gives you the feel of playing a PC game!


From Tokyo to Siberia, countless scenic landmarks all over the world have been seamlessly integrated into the game’s open storyline. NPCs will also give separate quests or engage in different dialogue based on player choices, giving them the power to change the world. And now, players get to experience new stories, challenge more powerful world bosses and embark on a brand new journey!


Dragon Raja features a comprehensive character customization system. You will be able to define their character’s personality through your responses to unforeseen events. In Dragon Raja, you can create unique characters and dress them however they choose—with endless choices. Casual, retro, street, and futuristic are just a few of the styles you could choose from when styling their characters with additional styles to come!


The Dragon Lord, once sealed away by a group of humans known as hybrids, has come back to life. The hybrids—humans gifted with superpowers—are gathering to prepare for the coming battle which is sure to be an epic showdown.


Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Developer: Archosaur Games

Size: 66M

Genre: Role playing

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