Free Fire Tips and tricks for beginners

Free Fire Tips: The Best Tips To Win At Free Fire

We will list for you some tips and tricks to help you as a Free Fire Beginner. If the game seems difficult to you, you came to the right place!

We were all beginners one day and it often takes hours of practice to master all the subtleties of a game. For Free Fire, there are a few things you need to know in order to rank well in a game, so we’ve prepared this quick guide to help you improve in the game.

Characters are more important than clothes

Items such as t-shirts, pants and hats are only there to further customize your character’s appearance. Nevertheless, they don’t give you any advantage in-game. Free Fire is not an MMORPG, so don’t expect compliments from your opponents who are mostly there to kill you. Clothes are bought with diamonds, the premium game currency that you can get for a fee, so take it easy.

There are currently 25 characters in Free Fire. Adam and Eve are unlocked from the start and these free-to-play heroes give you no advantage in game.

On the other hand, all other characters improve a specific statistic. Here are some examples :

  • Nikita : 4% faster machine gun reload
  • Misha : 2% faster vehicles
  • Ford : takes 4% less damage outside the safe area
  • Andrew : reduction in loss of durability of vests by 2%
  • Kelly : 1% faster sprint
  • Olivia : resuscitate other players with +6 VP

You can buy most of the characters with diamonds, but a few are offered to you when you level up, such as Andrew.

The statistics shown are basic statistics and these evolve as your character level up. So Andrew begins with a 2% increase in bulletproof durability, but this statistic can increase to 10%.

statistics free fire

As such, Ford is arguably one of the best heroes in high-level gaming as long as you know how to play on the edge of the safety zone. To learn more about these kinds of tactics, you can always read our guide to advanced strategies.

It’s red for a good reason

You may have noticed that your viewfinder sometimes turns red for a few seconds. This means that an enemy is in your line of fire and if you fire you will hit it. It is valid whether you activate the aiming (right click) or not.

It doesn’t guarantee you will kill your target let alone take a headshot, but it’s an important visual aid if you have trouble hitting your targets.

Whether you’re under enemy fire or looking to reach a specific point on the map, vehicles are ideal for getting around quickly. At a high level, however, we recommend that you do not abuse it. There’s nothing discreet about a vehicle, and your enemies will soon find out where you are and pick you up.

Free fire cars

The beginnings of the game are quite chaotic. If you find yourself in the middle of a shootout between several players, it is in your best interest to use a vehicle to escape. But this advice no longer applies when there is only some players alive.

At this point in the game, you can be sure to get noticed with your big jeep, so as soon as the number of living players drops below 10, drop the vehicles and play the stealth card instead.

Violence is not always the answer

You may have noticed that most of the new players in Free Fire are way too aggressive. In general, you have just landed when you already hear gunshots.

If it can be tempting to join the party, this is not how you will stay alive for very long. Remember that a Battle Royale is not a Deathmatch and that the goal is not to kill as many enemies as possible, but to survive as long as possible while preparing for the final battle.

So rather than going directly to attack other players, distance yourself by running or using a vehicle and look for better weapons while remaining as discreet as possible. You can very well win a match by killing only one player as long as you prepare well.

Don’t stand there

Most players remain static when fighting. It’s not really their fault, it’s just that they’re playing Free Fire on their phone and it’s very difficult to move their character and shoot at the same time with the touch controls.

Furthermore, in combat, be as mobile as possible and if someone starts shooting at you, but you can’t locate him, zigzag to a shelter so as not to give him a chance to finish you off quickly. Conversely, if it is you who initiate the fight, shoot by moving sideways so that the opponent cannot get in your way. Even if he manages to hit you, he will have a hard time making a headshot.

We hope you find these tips useful. If you have advice to give to newcomers, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment section.

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