GT Bike V

GT Bike V: Mod for GTA V allows you to pedal with your own bike at home

GT Bike V: Mod for GTA V allows you to pedal with your own bike at home

If you like GTA V and, it’s an excellent racing bike, to the point of having your own training system at home with which to take virtual, attentive rides. This is the mode you had dreamed of, its name is GT Bike V and this will allow you to connect your bike to the game to be able to pedal around Los Santos. Even pulling on the bike if you are skillful enough.

The mode that allows you to cycle in GTA V:

With the gift of GTA V and its Criminal Enterprise starter pack from Epic Games, many have discovered a unique title for the first time. Others, however, have joined the trend to enjoy a very special game again.

So much so that thanks to a multitude of mods for GTA V, the Rockstar title can be completely reversed. But what few of us imagined is that someone would someday create one of these mods with a very specific goal: to be able to ride a bike and walk around Los Santos. But beware, this riding was already possible, here the novelty is that you will do it on your real bike, connected to the game so that each pedaling turns into movement within the video game. You don’t believe it? Watch this video.

How GT Bike V works:

Sitting in front of the television and pedaling as you go through different scenes is something we already knew was possible. There are different platforms that allow you to train by bike without leaving the house.

Some of them are Tacx, Elite, Bkool, Kinetic, Saris, etc. All these common communication protocol called ANT + thanks to compatible accessories, you can transfer your real pedaling to different simulators.

How GT Bike V works

Well, this is how this mod called GT Bike V was created, a very interesting proposal and which will undoubtedly be the dream of any fan of GTA V and cycling. Especially for the advantages offered by the title Rockstar, which has huge decorations with an amount of details that far exceeds what can be seen on other platforms.

To use this mode, in addition to the bike and one of these virtual training platforms, you will need to download the GT Bike V mod from this link. Once you have it, all you have to do is complete the steps necessary to install it. It doesn’t sound complicated at all and in this Chris Pritchard video you have the whole process explained. It’s in English, but it’s not difficult to follow.

How to link up your bicycle with GTA V:

As an interesting fact about the mode, this generates a .FIT file with which you will have a summary of your session and the route. So you can upload it to the service as Strava and share it with your friends or acquaintances. Which is even more fun when they ask you where you went.

In short, that this mod created by Makinolo is a marvel, a very original proposal and which has significant advantages compared to simulators and other cycling training systems. For this dizzying quality and the details of the game itself. The only drawback is that it is only available in single player mode. Can you imagine being able to meet your friends to pedal together? Would be wonderful.

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