GTA V : Free on the EGS

The game of the week GTA V is Free on Epic Games Store

Each week, a new free game arrives on the Epic Games Store, and this week it is GTA V!

GTA V is free on epic games store

Each week, and more precisely each Thursday at 5:00 p.m. a new free game is invited to the Epic Games Store. For the week of May 14 to 21, GTA V is invited to the EGS! Take part in the Grand Theft Auto adventure with the latest installment in the saga, and live your own life on the streets of Los Santos.

Release Date: September 17, 2013

Platforms: PC PS3 PS4 XBox 360 XBox One

Developer: Rockstar North

About this game:

Grand Theft Auto V is basically an action-adventure game. This latest title is no exception, and allows players to explore the streets of Los Santos, and participate in city activities. But how do we stay in line when everything just makes us do the wrong things?

Three criminals are forced to cooperate to survive on the streets of Los Santos. Their goal to get rich no matter what, without ever getting caught. Between chases, shootings and robberies, the life of the trio quickly becomes much more chaotic than expected. But they have nothing more to lose, and their needs come before the good of the city. You have only one option left: become the most influential criminal in Los Santos.

Let’s be serious, even if it is very fun, the solo mode of GTA V is only a pretext for real adventure. The essence of the game is in multiplayer, a mode where role play is the key word. The full scope of the game is revealed on these servers with a very involved community. You can be anyone, be the job of your dreams, be a convicted criminal, and more. The city of Los Santos is a real sandbox where everything is possible, and only your imagination is the limit.

If you want to know the future games that will be present in the free store of the Epic Games Store, do not hesitate to return to GameRobust regularly to discover them.

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