Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Play Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire and Relive the Action of the Movie

About this game

Players can hold one primary weapon which each has its own secondary, along with a combat knife, grenades and other picked up explosives and devices. Players start with 100 health, which is reduced by damage.

Wounded players heal by using the LIFE-2 auto-injector. The environment is almost entirely destructible, but bullets cannot go through most walls. The ammunition system uses a bullet calculator, shown on the HUD, and players can endlessly repair vehicles with power tools unless they are completely destroyed. Airstrikes and Mortar Strikes can also be utilized.


Bigger and Better Magic

Players explore the game’s all new spell casting system, unleashing powerful spells to become a master of magic, feel the controller shake with every flick of the wand.

Compelling Rewards System

Players can use ‘Accio’ to chase down and capture dynamic living beans, as well as increase the power of harry, Hon and Hermione with collector’s and creatures card.

All the Magic of the Movie

The magical world of Harry Potter comes to life with characters, cinematic environments, captivating gameplay and compelling interactive experience.


Release Date :18 November 2005

Genre :  Action-adventure, Fantasy

File Size:  1GB

Platform : PS2, Nintendo DS, GameCube, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Windows, Xbox

Developer : EA UK

System Requirements

Processor:  Pentium 4

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard Disk : 3GB

Download the game from the download button below :

Source : EA.com

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