Hearthstone Battlegrounds : Tier B List and Best Champions

Hearthstone Battlegrounds : Tier B List and Best Champions Guide

In this current post we will list for you Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier B list for best champions only. Check next posts for the rest of Tier list.

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Currently in beta phase, Hearthstone Battlegrounds HS BG has 24 different champions. Being an auto battler, 8 players compete against each other, and each player has a choice between 3 heroes at the start of the game. However, some of them are much weaker than others, or on the contrary, much better. Who are the best HS BG Heroes?

To help you get started in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, we have prepared a ranking of the best champions according to their value throughout the game. Likewise, this list is purely subjective, and your affinity with the different Heroes weighs in the balance.

Tier B

Millificent Manastorm  Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Millificent Manastorm

The mother of the mecas is back, her DIY too!

Easily pushing towards a Meca composition, Millificent Manastorm easily takes the advantage at the start of the game. Despite the power of the mechanics seen now decreasing, the additional attack often allows to win or equalize against your opponents.

The Rat King Tier B

The Rat King

His heroic power is very useful at the start of the game. Changing with each turn, it will boost creatures of a specific type.

With his heroic power, The Rat King can easily win at the start of the game, without any particular composition. It will also be very strong, hopefully, in a composition mixing all types.

The Great Akazamzarak tier B

The Great Akazamzarak

What is this secret? You will have to type to find out!

While Conjuring can provide useful secrets like the Ice Block or the Venger, most are far too bad to be interesting. In addition to often filling your land, they will not fire until the death of your first servant.


Patchwerk is significantly above average with 20 VP more than the other heroes.

If this hero does not have much in particular, his large amount of life points allows him to be more flexible. This allows him to play the demon composition more easily, or just to quietly increase his tavern at the start of the game.

The Curator Hearthstone Battlegrounds

The Curator

Starting the game with an amalgam of all types, The Curator is versatile in its compositions.

Whatever the strongest composition at the moment, The Curator has the advantage of being able to easily turn around with its early game amalgam. Benefiting from all the boosts, his creature can quickly become an unstoppable monster.


Arcane magic is within your reach by embodying Malygos.

Significantly similar to Galakrond, Malygos turns out to be less handicapping in terms of its cost. So, despite the randomness of the Heroic Power, the lack of cost makes it interesting enough to be used regularly.


A cooling atmosphere sets in, and Sindragosa invites himself onto the battlefield.

Very attractive to create very strong ground, very quickly. It is therefore a hero who can prove to be very effective, but very difficult to set up. This hero mainly speaks in the middle of the game, after having frozen the same tavern for several turns.

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