Hearthstone Battlegrounds : Tier C List and Best Champions

Hearthstone Battlegrounds : Tier C List and Best Champions Guide

In this current post we will list for you Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier C list for best champions only. Check next posts for the rest of Tier list.

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Currently in beta phase, Hearthstone Battlegrounds HS BG has 24 different champions. Being an auto battler, 8 players compete against each other, and each player has a choice between 3 heroes at the start of the game. However, some of them are much weaker than others, or on the contrary, much better. Who are the best HS BG Heroes?

To help you get started in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, we have prepared a ranking of the best champions according to their value throughout the game. Likewise, this list is purely subjective, and your affinity with the different Heroes weighs in the balance.

Tier C

A-F-KAH Hearthstone Battlegrounds


A hero with a unique functioning, you will have no choice but to lose the first two battles.

The strength of this hero is his passive heroic power, which allows him to obtain two units in the third turn. Both rank 3, so you can devote yourself to increasing your tavern first during the first rounds.

Queen Wagtoggle Tier C

Queen Wagtoggle

Her pets feel easily pampered by her side. However, beware of wax.

We touch everything, and we increase their power! Very useful in all compositions, the Warfare Troop is unfortunately not that useful in the long term. While it may seem good to use your heroic power as often as possible, the attack won by your units will rarely pay off.

Lich Baz’hial Tier C

Lich Baz’hial

Gold or life! Difficult choice that Baz’hial does not hesitate to make when necessary.

Baz’hial is back in the battlefield with improved heroic power! Now costing him 2 life, his Transfer from the cemetery can give you an advantage at certain times. The cost remains too high to make it really strong.


Accustomed to the bar, reduced costs are profitable.

Quite practical to quickly pass the levels, the Barmanotron easily digs its place by taking the advantage at the start of the game. Capable of rapidly increasing his tavern, he can quickly retrieve powerful minions.

Ysera Hearthstone Battlegrounds


Unfortunately awake, Ysera takes advantage of his powers to create portals to the world of Dreams and bring in powerful creatures.

With the Dream Portal, Ysera is particularly illustrated in the Dragons compositions. For the price of a classic discount, she even has the obligation to recover a dragon from her tavern.

George the Fallen Tier C

George the Fallen

It sounds ridiculous, and yet this divine shield can change the course of a battle.

With George, your servants become untouchable and are very difficult to finish! However, he is a late-game Hero, since making profitable use of his heroic power requires having already developed sufficient terrain.

Nefarian Hearthstone Battlegrounds


Against all of the divine shields, Nefarian stands out as the dominant at the end of the game.

Divine shields are widely used at the end of the game. Rare are the compositions where there are not 1 to 2 strategic divine shields that will prevent you from winning. With Nefarian, the question does not arise. Break the shields, and take the ascendancy.

The Lich King Tier C

The Lich King

Bringing the dead back to life is part of his daily life. Ask Sylvanas Windrunner

It is indeed possible to easily make profitable the Rites of reincarnation of the Lich King. But at the end of the game, this heroic power tilts all too often in front of the others, in addition to offering no advantage for any composition.


Rabbits, Full of rabbits. All over ! Yes, that’s pretty much the only thing about Shudderwock

Although there are many war cries in the game, it’s rarely worth doubling them at such a high cost. In a strategy with the Rabbit-stalker, this can be very practical. Being able to create rabbits with more than 100 points of attack and life, it can happen to win, but the omnipresence of Toxicity disturbs that.

Reno Jackson Tier C

Reno Jackson

As a perfect archaeologist, Reno Jackson cannot resist his attraction to gold.

In addition to the high cost, the Heroic Power of Reno Jackson is also for single use. Although it can be very useful, creating the golden version of a servant does not justify such a high cost, and will rarely be used before the end of the game.

Fungalmancer Flurgl Tier C

Fungalmancer Flurgl

You might think he’s the King of the Murlcos, but no … he just likes to eat.

Very useful from the start of the game, the Fongimancien Flurgl is particularly famous thanks to the composition Murlocs. Thanks to his fishing power, he can easily find new murlocs to add to his land.

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