Hearthstone Battlegrounds : Tier D List and Best Champions

Hearthstone Battlegrounds : Tier D List and Best Champions Guide

In this current post we will list for you Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier D list for best champions only. Check next posts for the rest of Tier list.

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Currently in beta phase, Hearthstone Battlegrounds HS BG has 24 different champions. Being an auto battler, 8 players compete against each other, and each player has a choice between 3 heroes at the start of the game. However, some of them are much weaker than others, or on the contrary, much better. Who are the best HS BG Heroes?

To help you get started in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, we have prepared a ranking of the best champions according to their value throughout the game. Likewise, this list is purely subjective, and your affinity with the different Heroes weighs in the balance.

Tier D

Illidan Stormrage Tier D

Illidan Stormrage

The Exiles have arrived in the tavern and are taking advantage of the solitary combat.

Thanks to his Faithful Lieutenants, Illidan gained the upper hand over his adversaries from the start of a battle. Very useful to overcome certain creatures, one must be strategic to carry out the designs of the Demon Hunter.

Lord Jaraxxus Hearthstone

Lord Jaraxxus

Wilfred Flopboum’s mistake is still in our world. And she STILL seeks to recruit demons.

Lord Jaraxxus is necessarily there, and his army of demons too. While demons are a good synergy, the cost of Jaraxxus’ spell greatly cools its usefulness. Likewise, demons are countered by the most used mechanic in the battlefield: Toxicity.

Professor Putricide Tier D

Professor Putricide

Always a master in alchemy, he has now learned to throw his bottles.

Since he can choose the target of his Potion of Rage, Professor Putricide can therefore more easily ensure certain combats. Unfortunately, that is not enough to make it viable late in the game.

Galakrond Hearthstone Battlegrounds


Always more power, this is what the father of dragons is looking for.

Even if Galakrond’s Greed seems excellent, its randomness makes it too unpredictable. Because of this, the Heroic Power can easily backfire, offering you a worse card than the one you want to change.

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You are ready to make the best games in HS BG thanks to the best Heroes! So you just have to find the composition that suits you the most, and if possible the strongest, to reach the top.

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