League of Legends Tips to win ranked

Tips and tricks to win Ranked in LOL : League of Legends

Here it is our tips to more easily earn your ranked and climb the ladder on LoL (League of Legends).

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if you’re stuck and can’t make it to ranking, there are some simple tips that can help. We have prepared a small list of tips for you so that you can approach your matches more calmly. You will be able to easily reach your goals and reach the stage of your dreams.

What roles to play in ranked?

The eternal question! As always said before, the role has no impact this season, and that Riot Games has broken everything. Otherwise; this is why choosing your role to climb the ladder is not always easy.

The best strategy would be to stay on the lane you are used to. If you play regularly, you have an idea of the different matchups and how to be effective in your role. You will therefore necessarily be more efficient than at a position you discover.

However, if you are not convinced by your current position and want to look elsewhere, try the support role. Up to the Platinum level, playing support is fairly easy and does not require a very thorough knowledge of all matchups. You can easily take a mage like Zyra, Brand, Vel’koz or other Xerath, and have a huge impact. Take your adc by the hand, do a lot of damage to the opposing botlane, and easily win the lane.

Choose your champion

Nothing is worse than dispersing. If you take a champion in hand and remain loyal to him, you will clearly benefit. It’s important to master the limits of your pick, and it’s not something that you will quickly have in mind if you alternate champions all the time.

Find yourself a champion, preferably suited to meta, and abuse him. Be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket. Choosing a little favorite is good, protecting its rear is even better.

If your champion is unlikely to be nervous before the end of the season, he can nevertheless become very popular – and therefore often banned. Always have at least one rescue pick, which you are also comfortable with. Bonus points if it covers some of your bad matchups.

In addition, it will allow you to change the air from time to time and not always repeat the same parts.

Break and rest

Nothing is more titillating than a losing streak. And you’ll never get anywhere by being upset. Especially since it’s near the end of the season, you’ll put more pressure on yourself to try to reach your goals.

Take breaks in your ranked sessions. If you start to chain losses, let go of the keyboard for a few minutes. Go and change your mind. Starting a new game by ruminating on your previous defeat will only tilt you further. The slightest grain of sand will derail you, and lose your precious LP. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

One rule: Stay alive

Stay alive! You have no use for your team if you are dead. It’s nice to take a kill, a red buff, a cannon minion, a tower or whatever. But if you die and the opposing team takes advantage of their numerical superiority for the snowball game, you have lost everything. One stupid death is enough to make everything go down.

So it’s vital to know when to stop, back up, and stay safe. This obviously works for the lane phase, but even more so in teamfight. Are you one of the main sources of damage for your team? Stay in cover, type what is within your reach but above all never go through the opposing ranks to explain life to this Vayne who looked at you askance two minutes ago. She will be protected by her allies, will stay alive when you perish, and will have the final say.

Know more about the best champions to win ranked games.

With all of this advice, you should have enough to reach your end-of-season goals and earn your rankings. Obviously, you will not pass Grandmaster, but that is not the goal. Progress little by little, don’t skip the steps. Question yourself. Even when you think you have nothing to blame yourself for. You have no control over your teammates, so try to control yourself before you want to change them.

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