Legends of Runeterra: Elise/Vi Corina Control Deck guide

Go straight, hit again and harder With Elise/Vi Corina Control Deck

You don’t know which deck to choose to attack the ladder and finally pass Master? So try the Elise/Vi Corina Control Deck. Here it is the Elise/Vi Corina Control Deck guide :

Elise/Vi Corina Control Deck guide

The deck is based on Corina Veraza and Commander Ledros, who received a lot of support with the new expansion. First Vi, an excellent champion to control the field. I got you ! is also a novelty that fits perfectly into the deck, providing an inexpensive solution to manage a unit on the board

Elise/Vi Corina Control Deck


  • Elise x 3
  • Vi x 3


  • Thermogenic Beam x 3
  • Glimpse Beyond x 2
  • Vile Feast x 3
  • Mystic Shot x 3
  • Statikk Shock x 2
  • Gotcha x 2
  • Withering Wail x 2
  • Grasp of the Undying x 3
  • Brood Awakening x 3
  • Vengeance x 2
  • The Ruination x 2


Shadow isles, Pitlover/Zaun


  • Frenzied Skitterer x 2
  • Corina Veraza x 2
  • Commander Ledros x 3

For the rest, we find the usual package of control decks. Small spells to manage early game threats, then larger AoE. Vile Feast, Withering Wail and Grasp of the Undying are the cards you will absolutely need to resist aggro or burn decks.

The end game combo has not changed. Ledros and Corina are your two lame threats, clearing the board and dealing major damage to the opposing Nexus. And considering all the deck that contains the deck, you should not have too much trouble having them from the 9 of mana reached.

Be careful though. The deck is extremely slow. Yes, you have a lot of removal, care, and big threats at the end of the game. But for all of this to take place, it will take your time. This means that the most aggressive decks can take advantage of a good outing to punish you. If you come across a lot of games that take you speed, this deck is not necessarily the right solution.

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