Legends of Runeterra: Gangplank Control Deck guide

Go straight, hit again and harder With Gangplank Control Deck

You don’t know which deck to choose to attack the ladder and finally pass Master? So try the Gangplank Control Deck. Here it is the Gangplank Control Deck guide :

Gangplank has a special mechanic that this deck will seek to exploit. It summons barrels, which increases the damage of your spells and abilities. The barrels take up space on your property, but they stack so as not to fill your part of the board. They nevertheless remain vulnerable to the slightest enemy attack.

Gangplank Control Deck


  • Twisted Fate x 3
  • Gangplank x 3


  • Vile feast x
  • Glimpse Beyond x 3
  • More powder! x 3
  • Make it Rain x 3
  • Salvage x 3
  • Withering Wail x 3
  • Grasp of the Undying x 3


Bilgewater, Shadow Isles


  • Hapless Aristocrat x 3
  • Dredway Deckhand x 3
  • Petty Officer x 3
  • Riptide Rex x 1
  • The Dreadway x 2
  • Commander Ledros x 1

Gangplank Control Deck Code

Gangplank Control Deck guide

Since there is increased damage, you might as well take advantage of it to build a control deck. Thus, any removal will be even more effective. This is also why we choose to associate GP with the Dark Islands, and its many perfect spells for a control lens.

So we find the classic Vile Feast, Withering Wail or Grasp of the Undying to calm the enemy’s ardor. The deck has a full arsenal, so you’ll have an answer for every situation. A card like Make it Rain suddenly becomes much more threatening to enemy units when you have barrels. The same goes for the red card of Twisted Fate. The Champion synergizes well with the entire deck draw and spell damage.

You’re spoiled for choice at the end of the game. Once a few barrels are established, use Riptide Rex or The Dreadway followed by Commander Ledros to annihilate enemy hopes. Slow decks are your favorite target. They don’t put enough pressure to keep you from developing your barrels while picking up with TF. As for aggro decks, you have more than enough removal to be safe. Your main problem will therefore remain the combo decks, which you will have to pick up speed to hope to win.

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