Legends of Runeterra: Lux Karma Deck guide

Go straight, hit again and harder With Lux Karma Deck

You don’t know which deck to choose to attack the ladder and finally pass Master? So try the Lux Karma Deck. Here it is the Lux Karma Deck guide :

 Lux Karma Deck guide

The combo between Lux and Karma is still as effective. The idea is to abuse large spells, so that Lux creates Final Shards and deals damage to the opposing Nexus. With Karma in support to generate resources again and again.

Lux Karma Deck


  • Karma x 3
  • Lux x 3


  • Single combat x 3
  • Retreat x 2
  • Purify x 1
  • Deep meditation x 3
  • Deny x 2
  • Riposte x 2
  • Remembrance x 3
  • Back to back x 1
  • Unyielding Spirit x 1


Demacia, Ionia


  • Eye of the Dragon x 3
  • Shadow Assassin x 3
  • Loyal badgerbear x 3
  • Grizzled Ranger x 3
  • Radiant Guardian x 3

On the category side, the strategy is established. It therefore remains to hold until the end of the game and be in a condition to cast spells. This is why we are building a control deck around them, which will benefit the followers of Demacia and Ionia.

Ranger’s Reslove is an excellent card that allows you to attack twice in the turn, with a 4/1 Scout and then a 4/4, and thus regain some control of the board. He is here associated with Loyal Badgerbear, to have a solid unit which remains on the board. Finally, Shadow Assassin provides an answer to Elusive Decks. Otherwise, it will mainly be used to draw.

Your game plan is simple. Survive until Lux can see you play big spells and chain the rays of light. Once stabilized, even more if you have 10 mana and Karma, the Final Shards will come with a shovel and victory with.

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