Legends of Runeterra: Jeter Sea Monsters deck Guide

Go straight, hit again and harder Jeter Sea Monsters Deck

You don’t know which deck to choose to attack the ladder and finally pass Master? So try the Maokai/Nautilus Sea Monsters Deck. Here it is the Maokai/Nautilus Sea Monsters Deck guide:

Maokai/Nautilus Sea Monsters Deck

Maokai/Nautilus Sea Monsters Deck


  • Maokai x 3
  • Nautilus x 3


  • Jettison x 3
  • Lure from the depths x 3
  • Grasp of the Undying x 3
  • Vengeance x 3


Bilgewater, Shadow Isles


  • Dreg Dredgers x 3
  • Hired Gun x 3
  • Deadbloom Wanderer x 3
  • Jaull Hunters x 3
  • Abyssal Eye x 3
  • Devourer of the Depths x 3
  • Shipwreck Hoarder x 1

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The Sea Monsters Deck Guide

This deck uses two new mechanics introduced with Rising Tide. The first is Jeter. It consists of discarding cards from the bottom of your deck. But your Champions are protected and cannot be thrown away. The other is Depth. It activates when there are only 15 cards or less left in your deck, and gives + 3 / + 3 to certain units. The synergy seems obvious, so it’s natural to build a strategy around these two keywords.

Above all, we will therefore seek to make the most of Jeter and Depth, to create an army of large units. Do you like to chain gigantic boards? You are in the right place. The goal will therefore be to reach Depth as quickly as possible, but without forgetting to maintain the plateau in an acceptable state. It’s nice to have the ability to summon lots of big sea monsters, but if you have 2 VP you won’t get very far.

Sea Monsters deck

Your first laps will therefore focus on board management. Do not try to play the tempo and ask followers to put pressure. They are there in response to enemy aggression and to manage enemy units. In the same way, it can be interesting to quickly fill up your mana reserve, and thus to use Fist of the Grasp of the Undying or Vengeance more quickly. Only when you are not in too much danger you can use mana to Throw cards.

Once the Depths are reached, the dynamics of the game changes. Set the pace for the game, and send your sea monsters to the assault. The deck creates so many waves of monsters that you should quickly take it away. Note that Devourer of the Depths can serve as a clear board if you have not yet reached the Depths, but will be much more effective with 7 attack.

Also, we must also talk about the other condition of victory: Maokai. It gains a level when your units are dead or you have thrown cards 25 times. And he takes the opportunity to destroy the opponent’s deck, leaving only 4 non-Champion cards. Suffice to say that you do not leave much to your opponent to get by before losing to the deck.

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