Legends of Runeterra: Quinn Scouts Deck guide

Go straight, hit again and harder With Quinn Scouts Deck

You don’t know which deck to choose to attack the ladder and finally pass Master? So try the Quinn Scouts Deck. Here it is the Quinn Scouts Deck guide :

The Rising Tide expansion marks the official launch of Legends of Runeterra. No more beta, everyone can participate in the game and take advantage of the new cards. You do not know which deck to choose to attack the ladder and finally pass Master? So try the Quinn Scouts deck. You will learn in the following lines how to play it, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to create it in the game.

Quinn Scouts Deck


  • Miss fortune x 3
  • Quinn x 3


  • Ranger’s Resolve x 2
  • Radiant strike x 1
  • Single combat x 3
  • Relentless Poursuit x 3


Bilgewater, Demacia


  • Fleetfeather Tracker x 3
  • Cithria of Cloudfield x 3
  • BrightSteel Protector x 3
  • War Chefs x 3
  • Loyal Badgerbear x 3
  • Laurent Protege x 1
  • Grizzled Ranger x 3
  • Vanguard Cavalry x 3
  • Cithria the Bold x 3

Deck Code

Quinn Scouts Deck guide

Scout is a new mechanism that appeared with Rising Tide. This allows some of your units to attack for the first time in the turn, before offering you an additional attack. The goal will be to make the most of it to put pressure on the opponent and achieve a quick victory.

The deck is therefore a Tempo deck, and it’s the middle of the game that will dictate its victory or defeat. Your match will be played between rounds 3 and 7, depending on whether you start to attack or not. These tours will therefore require the most reflection, and will be the most complicated to maneuver. But if you do, the victory may be reaching out to you.

With this in mind, Grizzled Ranger is certainly the key card in the deck. It is a Scout, which allows you to attack for the first time with a 4/1 before having a 4/4 on the board at your disposal, ready to attack. Keeping it during your mulligan is often correct, as the tempo is important.

Miss Fortune has an interesting effect in a deck that multiplies attacks, since it inflicts 1 damage to all opponents when you attack. But for as much, it is only one big plus in the deck, and not the cornerstone of the strategy. Don’t sacrifice everything to defend it and lose all your tempo. The important thing is to be able to maintain the pressure on the plate.

If everything goes as planned, you will attack your turn 6 or 7 with the possibility of completing the opposing Nexus. With lots of units at your disposal, Cithria will usually suffice to connect the necessary damage with the Fearsome effect. Otherwise, continue with your units available. It is complicated to offer blockers at each turn, especially with the scouts’ double attacks.

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