Legends of Runeterra: Tier list of the best decks

Which decks should you choose to take on the ladder?

Here is our tier list of the best decks on Legends of Runeterra. Which decks should you choose to take on the ladder?

list of the best decks on Legends of Runeterra

Note that this tier list is designed to identify the most effective decks for climbing the Legends of Runeterra ladder, taking into account the progression to the highest ranks. Some decks are very good in the lowest ranks, but will have more difficulty in the last stages. They will therefore be classified a little lower here.

Tier list des meilleurs decks de Legends of Runeterra :

Please note that the order of listing does not indicate a ranking among third parties.

Tier 1

They are the strongest champions in the meta. They have few unfavorable matchups and force the other decks to adapt.

Elise/Vi Corina Control Deck

Corina and Commandant Ledros are still there. And they take advantage of the support of the new expansion to slip into a new control deck. Full of answers, removal, and two huge threats at the end of the game.

Aggro Draven Deck

He puts pressure on the first round, goes straight and destroys the opposing Nexus faster than his shadow. A big aggro deck that governs the meta. Any slower deck that wants to hope to exist must be able to handle it.

Tier 2

Decks that remain strong, but which will lose their face-to-face on average against Tier 1 decks.

Maokai / Nautilus Jeter deck Sea Monsters

Two new mechanics in the spotlight. One discards the cards below the deck, the other activates when there are only 15 cards left in your deck. They were made to get along, and summon lots of big Sea Monsters.

Lux Karma Deck

The Lux / Karma combo is always there. We surround him with what to hold the start and middle of the game, then we chain the spells. And we send lots of light into the opponent’s head.

Quinn Scouts Deck

Les Éclaireurs peuvent attaquer deux fois dans un même tour. Alors on exploite leur capacité pour créer un deck tempo destructeur.

Tier 3

Gangplank Control Deck

These decks are viable, but will require more skill to progress the ladder. Not necessarily the best choice if you just want to climb the ladder, but you can have a good time with them.

How to build the deck in Legends of Runeterra?

You have two options for creating a deck in Legends of Runeterra:

  • You can build the deck by hand, card by card. Tedious and not very effective.
  • In the Collection menu, click the Import button located at the top left of the screen. Then paste the deck code so that the game automatically creates it for you.

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