LoL: Drops to win while watching esports competitions

Earn rewards by watching League of Legends competitions.

Spectators must be enticed to boost audiences and build loyalty. This is why Riot Games is launching a drops system that will reward spectators of LoL esports competitions on Get Drops with lol esports competitions

The drops will start from the third week of Summer Split in LEC and LCS – that is June 26 -, and will be available for players from all regions. For the moment, Riot is reporting fragments of skins, chromas, prestige points or tickets for Clash to be won.

When an important moment takes place, such as a flight from Nashor or a pentakill, it can be celebrated with a Drop. Part of the spectators can then receive it and collect a gift.

How do Drops work on LoL Esport?

To hope to receive drops and gifts, you must follow the following procedure.

1 – Watch a competition on while logged into your account and having validated your participation for the awards (follow this link to verify that this is the case).

2 – If a Drop is triggered by an ingame event, a notification appears on the screen. You will have to click on the notification or visit after the broadcast to retrieve the rewards.

3 – To find out which Drops you have won, go to the Drops tab of your profile on

At launch, Drops will only be available on LEC and LCS matches watched live. Riot first wants to test if the system works properly before extending it to other leagues and VODs.

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