LOL : The best champions to win ranked games

Best champions to win ranked games in League of Legends LOL

We have prepared for you a list of the best champions to easily gain ranking in LoL. Those champions are easy to learn and effective to ride. They don’t require a lot of mechanics and have an immediate impact. You can easily win your games, reach your goals and reach the level of your dreams.

LoL champions

Please note, this list is not a top of the best ranked champions on LoL. There may be stronger champions, but more complicated to play and that we will not advise. The goal here is really to offer a solution to climb the ladder accessible to all. In the same idea, we tried to limit the champions to the same positions, so that everyone can find their account.


Nasus lol

Classic among the classics, Nasus remains a sure bet even today. After an early which can be difficult, it can land on a lane and force the arrival of at least 3 members of the opposing team, under penalty of inhibitor taken. Still requires a little coordination with the rest of the team.


Was Nasus a little too PvE for you? Discover Jax. Similar gameplay based on straight, but a significantly higher threat in teamfight. And as a bonus, it can even jungle.


DR Mundo

Put your brain aside for 5 minutes, and enjoy Dr. Mundo. His level 6 in stock, he can easily run to sow chaos in the enemy ranks. After a fairly painful first clean – don’t hesitate to recall after your first two / three camps – he swallows the jungle with his eyes closed.


He’s rushing in from his jungle for gank, it’s Rammus. Its gameplay is quite simple: make a camp, ride a Powerball, take advantage of your taunt to take an easy kill during a gank. Then start again. The perfect champion for snowballing lanes.



Do you know how to press R? Use your Flash? Congratulations! You are now a Malzahar hand. Take the first opponent who passes, neutralize it and your team can now 4v5 in peace. As a bonus, Malzahar can farm effortlessly and without taking risks with his E and Voidlings.


Just because she has 58 skins doesn’t mean Lux is popular. He is a mage who, while being quite safe, can bring a lot. Wrestling power with the cage, a little use with its shield, and above all a lot of damage. Be careful, however, it remains fragile and does not appreciate killers in the lane phase.


Not convinced by Malzahar? So turn to Annie, and her amazingly simple gameplay. In addition to her high damage, she can easily engage in a fight with Tibbers. Abuse its A for safe and mana-free farm. Count to 5. Send a giant bear to your opponents’ heads. And it’s won.


Jinx lol champion

The ADCs are back in force in botlanes, and Jinx is taking advantage of it. She has a good early game, but shines especially when she has a few items under her belts. With her ability to reset in teamfight thanks to her passive, she can easily clean the remains of the opposing team once a takedown is obtained.

 Miss Fortune champion

Do you prefer to dominate the lane? Miss Fortune is there for you. Its Double Up (A) is perfect for abusing opponents in lane, with its ridiculously high damage. And it only gets worse with a little AD and lethality. On the other hand, it will be necessary to think of quickly finishing the matches, since it is more complicated to maneuver in the category than the other ADCs.


Brand  lol champion

Forget immediately the utility supports. Here, we are looking to lead the team to victory by brute force. 4 spells that deal damage, a stun, and many AoE. Brand is made to fight, and doesn’t need a lot of items to be devastating.


Much more useful than Brand, Zyra shouldn’t be ashamed of her damage. Above all, it benefits with its plants from a poke extremely easy to place in the lane phase. With its root and its ultimate, it is perfect for forcing skirmishes or the objectives that are Nashor and the Dragon.

With these 11 champions, you have a good base to attack the ranked. But that is not necessarily enough to directly reach the heights. Don’t worry, our tips and tricks for winning rank are there to help.

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