LoL: Volibear Rework

All information about Volibear Rework : Sorts, lore, gameplay..

The storm is coming. The Volibear rework has just been presented by Riot Games. With even more lightning, and bears coming to fight. And an updated kit, but which wants to keep the original essence of the champion. New spells, gameplay, improved lore: here’s all you need to know about the Volibear update.

The Volibear rework

Release Date : The Volibear rework should arrive in patch 10.11 on May 28, 2020.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Passive skill and Volibear spells

Passive – The Relentless Storm

After inflicting damage on non-minion targets with 5 attacks or skills, Volibear’s legs ignite with lightning. Its basic attacks deal bonus magic damage to the closest enemies.

A – Thundering Smash

Volibear gets on its 4 legs and charges towards an enemy, leaps towards them and stuns the first enemy attacked.

Z – Frenzied Maul

Volibear bites his target and deals damage to it. Re-casting the spell on the same target deals bonus damage and heals Volibear.

E- Fend-le-ciel

After a delay, Volibear summons lightning to a location, inflicting damage and slowing enemies. If he is inside the impact zone, Volibear gains a shield.

R – Porteur de tempêtes

Volibear leaps into the air, inflicting damage while falling. It turns into a little more edgy, bigger and stronger bear. If it falls next to a turret, it temporarily deactivates it.

The rework of Volibear skins

Who says rework says new look for skins! If you can see the look of the different skins in the previous video, here are some new splash arts.

As a reminder, players who have Volibear or buy it in patch 10.11 will win the Volibear thousand spades skin for free. This is the horrific skin created to pay homage to the more demonic side of the bear in lore. This is the right artwork visible above.

New lore from Volibear

Riot took advantage of this update to refresh Volibear’s lore.

The presentation of the new Volibear

An event to celebrate the rework of Volibear

Big bears like to do ARAM, it’s well known. So to celebrate, Riot organized a small event. From May 9 at 5:30 a.m. to May 12 at 9 p.m., Volibear appears at the start of a game and destroys part of the bridge.

Those who participate have a chance to win an exclusive emote.

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