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In this current post, we will present Lyfoes game, their features and specifications.

Lyfoes Game

About this game

Lyfoes are funny creatures who were recovered from a local science lab. Each family lives inside their own beaker home and watch with curious interest, peering out at the wonders of the world around; until one evening, when a laboratory scientist’s nephew made his way inside and shuffled all the Lyfoes into random beakers. These little creatures have become super nervous without their relatives and need your help getting them back together.

Complete all levels with the maximum number of stars and share your achievements on social networks!

Ball sort puzzle solitaire game for all ages.


  • Collect all the funny creatures of the same color into own beaker;
  • Simply drag Lyfoes from one beaker to another;
  • An individual Lyfo can be dropped onto another creature of the same color or into an empty beaker;


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  • It is a logical puzzle game suitable for all ages. The game has four difficulty levels: from ‘Baby’ (for children 4+) to ‘Hard’ (for children up to 68 years).
  • Leadersboards and achievements (with google+ account attached).
  • All levels are guaranteed to have solutions.
  • If a player gets to an impasse, the game hints about the problem and suggests to roll back to the last solvable state.


Requires Android: Varies with device

Developer: IBNPlay

Size: Varies with device

Genre: Puzzle – Brain Games

Download the game from the download button below:

Source: Google Play

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