Madden NFL 21, release date, trailer and info

Find out all about the release date and trailer for EA’s new American football game Madden NFL 21.

The new installment in the saga was originally due to be released in early August, but several elements have slowed down the development process at EA.

We explain everything in this article which will be kept up to date as soon as the studio has given more information.

Madden NFL 21, release date, trailer and info

Game Release Date

Originally, the release date for Madden NFL 21 was scheduled for early August. Like previous releases for almost 20 years (since Madden 2003, the game is available in early August). However, two events came to question this date.

First of all, the coronavirus crisis probably delayed the final phase of development in EA studios, jeopardizing the test period of the game. In addition, the current crisis in American society following the death of George Flyod pushed EA to publicly announce a deadline of the presentation and potentially of the exit of the game.

Madden NFL 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X

If we do not yet know when the game will be released, we already know that the title will be available on new generation consoles. Thus, EA had announced that Madden NFL 21 will be available via Smart Delivery. Allowing you to get the game for free on Xbox Series X if you bought it on Xbox One.

Madden and EA exclusively licensed with the NFL

EA has obtained an exclusivity agreement with the NFL and the players’ league. This was in order to produce a simulation of US football with the rights of the league until 2025. The game, equivalent to FIFA in the world of sports simulation, will thus be able to avoid competition from studios like 2K Sports.

If Madden still dominates sales in the USA, the franchise is increasingly criticized by fans. Again, like FIFA, players blame the lack of new features, realism and the lootbox system of Ultimate Team mode.

The next Madden NFL 21 therefore has no release date at the moment although. It’s difficult to think that EA can miss the back-to-school period to release the new installment of the American football saga.

However, the unprecedented situation in the United States for several months could well upset the calendar of the American studio…

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