Minecraft Dungeons: Which farm zone to build?

Which Zones are best for farm stuff in Minecraft Dungeons?

In Minecraft Dungeons, you should build a Farm Zone. Here it is our guide to help you how to build this zone.

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There are 11 different levels in Minecraft Dungeons that will allow you to improve your equipment. However, depending on what you want to recover, you may have to repeat the same loop. Depending on the optimal build of Minecraft Dungeons, an area can be made to be much more efficient on the farm. But what are they?

Which zone to farm in priority?

To find the right levels to repeat in a loop to optimize yourself, you first need to know what equipment you are looking for. Here, we will tell you about the best farm area in Minecraft Dungeons to have the first effective stuff in the game. The goal is therefore to recover a Halberd, a sinister Armor, and a fast Crossbow.

Desert Temple

Desert temple Minecraft Dungeons farm zone

The highest priority is to recover the Halberd and the Sinister Armor as quickly as possible. This is the essence of the build, and therefore the essentials to have. By prioritizing the Temple of the Desert rather than another zone, you will have the possibility of recovering Sinister Armor and Halberd in the same place.

The zone is also excellent for the number of enemies residing there. It is also a very linear level, easy to learn, and which offers many chests. Boots of Swiftness can also wait for you in this level, making it all the more precious.

Highblock Halls

Minecraft Dungeons farm zone Highblock halls

In this level await you the Crossbow and the Chalice of Death. It’s a bit more difficult to access, especially by the end event and the monsters there. So it’s best to go only when you know you are powerful enough not to die. Despite its difficulty, it remains a much more interesting level to farm than the others by the potential of experience it provides. If the area is too difficult, head to Creeper Woods and Redstone Mines instead.

You now know which levels to prioritize to optimize your equipment, but also easily take levels! You just have to dive headlong into these areas until you have the best equipment possible.

Here it is our guide to help you how to build your farm zone in Minecraft Dungeons.


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