NBA 2K20 : Tips for MyTeam

Discover tips for MyTeam mode of NBA 2K20 game

NBA 2K20‘s MyTeam game mode can seem quite difficult to access but above all complicated to master, that’s why we offer some basic tips.

NBA 2K20's MyTeam

MyTeam is the equivalent of the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) model where you can create your ultimate team using different maps. If unlike FUT the game has fewer special cards, NBA 2K20 offers variations in the quality of each card, increasing the need to always get new cards. At least that’s what you might think …

Basic tips when playing MyTeam

MyTeam is an online game mode, forcing players to compete against each other, which means that you will have to play against real opponents. So keep these different things in mind :

  • You will regularly lose matches, this is the game and no online mode is of interest if you crush newbies all year
  • Like all sports games, there will be frustrating situations, unfavorable arbitration decisions that will have an impact on your matches.
  • Your opponents will sometimes have better cards, better teams, even if you invest a lot of time (or even money) in the game

So don’t take your wins and losses too seriously. Concentrate on the way you play, on your ability to improve your squad and build your game more than on the final score. Ultimately, the score will follow in most situations (but the game can be cruel to you despite everything from time to time) as long as you are looking to progress.

Should we buy cards? How to improve your team and players on NBA 2K20?

Our advice for NBA 2K20 MyTeam mode is to avoid spending money on packs as much as possible unless you take advantage of a special offer (usually via very special packs, at specific times of the season).

If it is possible to spend a lot of money to quickly get an excellent team, it is also likely that your level of play does not follow and that you still lose a good part of your matches. Also, the randomness of each pack opening quickly makes the process very frustrating when you invest your own money …

Worse, having better cards / a very good team will make you a target for many players who will seek to make you pay for the fact that you use your credit card… Especially since the use of good cards could limit your overall progress on the game, limiting you both on MyTeam mode but also on MyPlayer.

Our tips for playing MyTeam without spending money on NBA 2K20

First, be aware that players are free to spend money in the game, especially if they enjoy NBA 2K. However, in connection with the explanations in the previous paragraphs, we recommend that you limit your spending to specific situations: packs with your favorite Legends or large promotions on packs. It is also possible to develop your team without spending money.

How to play MyTeam without spending money:

  • First, don’t focus on the streamer and youtuber teams who tend to spend a lot of money. If they play at a high level it is not thanks to these cards.
  • Maximize your card and MT point earnings by completing the various challenges and rewarding events (and those not only online since this year).
  • Also, participate in regular Community Polls to earn cards and points.
  • The new features in NBA 2K20 will allow you to improve the quality of your cards, allowing you to keep your favorite cards a little longer. So learn in detail the unique characteristics of each player (especially with regard to their shooting) to maximize the potential of your cards.
  • In addition, the developers have mentioned the presence of daily events for NBA 2K20, you will probably need to play more regularly but shorter to maintain the progress of your training.

To conclude, be smart!

In the end, a full season on MyTeam requires being patient, knowing how to put bad (and good) results into perspective, but above all knowing how to question yourself. If for many, the only solution to win and buy packs to get a Dream Team, it will be more interesting to take your time to better enjoy each game and each (free) pack opening!

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