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Basic Tips to succeed Fortnite

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In this current blog, we will list for you basic tips to succeed Fortnite. Visit our previous blog to know more about fortnite tricks.

We have touched on the most important aspects of Fortnite. But there are still many other subtleties that must be taken into account to play at a correct level and aim for the Top 1.

Use all the sound information you can gather in order to locate your enemies. The sound of their footsteps, shots or constructions in progress are precious clues that allow you to decide on a flight or an attack. Don’t forget, of course, that your opponents can do the same: watch out for the noises you make.

We’ve already mentioned this, but a reminder can’t do any harm: In general, the higher you are, the more you gain an advantage over your enemies. Many means are available to offer an unobstructed view: roofs, hills or buildings. To caricature: position yourself on a construction on the roof of a building located on a hill, and you are the boss of the area.

Unless you are protected by construction or the environment, never remain static. On Fortnite, it is better to stay constantly on the move so as not to become a target that is too easy for the opponent, especially if the latter is equipped with a sniper : A single headshot, and that is automatic death.

When moving, avoid straight lines, you have to be unpredictable. Do not hesitate to jump either, it will only complicate the task of your enemies.

Another suggestion :

Do not rush on the loots without thinking. Your opponents can take advantage of the time you search a corpse to light you. You must make sure that the surroundings are secure before embarking on such a maneuver. If you know that another player is nearby, a strategy may be to hide near a corpse or a crate and wait for an enemy to come and collect weapons and objects to lower it.

 If you have advice to give to newcomers, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment section.


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