PS Store : 5 solo games that make you travel

List of solo games available in PS Store

Here it is a list of solo games available in PS Store. If the multiplayer game is particularly popular with some players, his popularity has not prevented the creation of emotional solo adventures in recent years. These games are the perfect example and you can find them on promotion on the PS Store.


When we talk about single-player adventure, there is a name that immediately comes to mind: Hideo Kojima. Renowned creator, he develops deep universes and knows how to articulate them perfectly to arouse the interest of the player throughout history. Death Stranding, his latest jewel, is no exception. In an apocalyptic world, you are the only connection between the various shelters for survivors. Without you, no one will get away with it.


Kratos made a triumphant return in this exceptional episode of the franchise. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, God of War knew how to renew itself from top to bottom and knew how to convince the hearts of the players. Due to its gameplay, its magnificent graphics and landscapes, or its history, it is impossible to say that God of War does not deserve its place in the pantheon of PS4 solo games.


In terms of comic book culture in the gaming industry, Marvel’s Spider-Man has managed to climb to the top. The spider quickly made its place among the elite of PS4 titles and this right out of the game. Find the Marvel universe, this time staged by Insomniac Games and immerse yourself in the skin of the Queens superhero. Fight crime and experience a Peter Parker adventure like never before.


Inspired by the sequel to the eponymous novel, the Metro series initially takes place in a post-apocalyptic Moscow. The last episode, Metro Exodus, opens up a much wider horizon, while retaining the ambience of its predecessors. Less cramped but still oppressive environments open to Artyom, protagonist of the series, who desperately searches for survivors of the nuclear war outside the metro. And the future of the survivors will radically change.


Assassin’s Creed is the pinnacle of solo play at Ubisoft. After a large number of episodes, the content of the franchise does not run out, on the contrary, whether in terms of gameplay or scenario, the series continues to expand. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the latest title, tells the adventures of the first hero of the line of assassins. Discover the roots of the Brotherhood and the journey of the one who is at the origin.

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