PUBG : Our 10 tips to become the last survivor

PUBG seems for players very easy and understandable in its mechanics. But, sometimes it is very difficult to master it. That’s why some pubg Tips and tricks will help you and save your life.

1- Drop zone

The choice of the drop zone, literally the zone in which you will land by parachute is surely one of the most important PUBG tips and components to your survival.

While some prefer to jump into an area with high potential for dangerous encounter for immediate action, others prefer to maximize their chances of survival.

PUBG Tips Drop zone

For this reason we strongly advise you to target in priority the somewhat isolated blocks, farms and small warehouses. Because you will have time to equip yourself without having a sword of Damocles which progresses on your neck in seconds.

If a big city can offer you a lot of loot, it can also be a real cut throat.

2- I believe I can fly !

Even once it’s up in the air it’s clearly not too late to save your life if you see a flock of players who had the same idea as you.

Your parachute trajectory (before opening it) is very easily modifiable using the front / rear keys (Z / S on PC) and depending on the axis of your camera, it’s also possible to accelerate or not his fall. The pointer of your character is therefore very important because it will accelerate his descent, think about it.

3- Don’t be choosy

Equipment is your first priority once on the ground. In addition to the weapons that are essential to the smooth running of your game, you will also have to find something to protect you.

The game offers 3 levels of armor for helmets and bulletproof vests. But also for backpacks which allow to carry more equipment. In the first few minutes, it’s best to take whatever comes your hand, as even the simplest pistol can save your life. Do not be choosy because it is better to develop its weapons over time.

4- What kind of lining ? – Tactical ..

The question now being asked is what weapon or combo weapon should I take?

Because if at the start the simple pistol or uzi does the trick, we will have to be more demanding and turn to something more robust … and precise!

The 5.56 caliber is then a must in assault rifle in its different variants. M16A4, M416 and Scar L and others more rare like the Steyr AUG. The Scar L is the most versatile assault rifle and therefore the choice if you hesitate with an M16A4.

The quality order is therefore as follows M416> Scar L> M16A4. A good combo to make is one of the weapons mentioned above as a primary weapon and an AKM as a secondary weapon. Having a higher firepower thanks to its 7.62 caliber, it will be a better weapon at short range. A semi-automatic rifle type mini 14 is also a good compromise to replace the 5.56 caliber assault rifle.

Summarize :

  • 5.56 / AKM Assault Rifle Combo
  • Semi-automatic rifle / AKM combo
PUBG Tips Assault Rifle combo

5- The accessories of a weapon as precious as jewelry

We can only advise you too much to add a silencer to the weapons as soon as possible or a flame hider if you have nothing else on hand. Because in the wilderness, in addition to noise, the light that your cannon will emit is the best indicator of your position for the enemy.

Remember in terms of optimization :

  • Red dot: Submachine guns, AKM, 5.56 caliber assault rifles
  • Holographic sight: Submachine guns, AKM, 5.56 caliber assault rifles
  • X2: Submachine gun, AKM, 5.56 caliber assault rifles
  • X4: 5.56 caliber assault rifle, semi-automatic rifles, Kar98
  • X8: Snipers and semi-automatic rifle
  • x15: Snipers
PUBG Tips accessories of a weapon

6- Be on the lookout for the slightest sound

In PUBG the sound is particularly important and it is worked in such a way that it is at the service of the gameplay. The slightest of your movements can make a crack on a floor and make you spotted by a player upstairs below yours. It is therefore always necessary to analyze the distance of noises, that of cars, that of shots to estimate a more or less exact distance before leaving your cover.

7- Camping is not shame

If there is one game where camping is not shameful, it is PUBG. When you’re in the target area, taking refuge in a building can be life-saving. Once in the building, never go headlong in case a player is already there. And the absolute inviolable rule: ALWAYS CLOSE THE DOORS BEHIND YOU.

Because in addition to giving the impression to the enemy that the building is still full of loot and therefore pushing him to take risks. It also allows you to offer a few precious seconds in the event of a hasty escape. A door that opens is a noise that can be heard and therefore an indicator of presence, and therefore preparation on your part in line with the situation.


8- Suppression fire works! Use it!

Suppressive fire consists of firing intensely towards the enemy, not to try to reach it but quite simply to force it to take shelter. During this time it is possible for our teammate (s) to change position, and this also saves the group time. In the worst case, it allows you to flee in an overly tense situation. Obviously this has no use when playing alone.

9- Semi-automatic ? Burst or automatic?

It’s all about distance, but be aware that in most cases with assault rifles, automatic fire is useless at more than 10 meters. It is then necessary to privilege the shooting in burst at medium distance even quite simply the shooting in semi-automatic which in addition to saving you cartridges will be more likely to reach the goal. Automatic mode is really only useful in combat inside a building.

10- The pan can become your best friend

What good can a skillet do in the middle of the rest of the arsenal? It is used to protect your back, because when hung, it allows you to deflect certain shots and therefore quite simply to secure part of your rear. On top of that it is the best weapon in hand-to-hand play. Never deprive yourself of it, NEVER!

Follow those PUBG tips and tricks to succeed the game and become a survivor!

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