The best tips to be immortal in Garena Free Fire

To be immortal in Garena Free Fire, here it is some tips to succeed.

The main difficulty in Battle Royale is not the number of dead or the skills we show during the game. It’s just about being the only survivor and that the other rivals die, which seems complicated. In this case, we have discovered a trick that. Hopefully, will allow you to be immortal in Garena Free Fire. And will make us win games without facing many rivals, in case we are not very skillful in the game.

To put it into practice, you don’t have to be a top player. Although any player can do it, because that would be a very curious way to win a game. Of course, we recommend that you practice it in interlaced games. We cannot bet everything on this tactic during the whole time that we play. Without further ado, let’s go.

The best tip to be immortal in Garena Free Fire

How to be immortal in a game:

Once on the plane ready to jump on the map, we head directly to the factory building, located in the southern part of the area. In this sense, we will perch on the roof of the same building, and we stay there, where we can land alone or with more companions. From here, two things can happen. Kill enemies with your fists or try to pineapple for more victory options. Union is strength, at least that’s what they say.

Free Fire Garena tips

Keep in mind that we have no weapons or care, nothing at all. But here is the trick, because before starting a game, you must choose “Call the drop” as a survival object, and “Supply Box” as a basic element. So, we have to wait on the roof of the building for this kit to load in order to ask this Airdrop which will provide us with weapons and care, essential to face the last part of the game. The luck factor also counts, and it is that the storm does not close at the beginning in our region, because it will not allow us to take the release.

Can you get out of the building?

Okay. We are already equipped and almost all the players are dead, that’s what this immortality trick is for. This is the second part of the tutorial, as many will wonder how to get out of the building without dying in the attempt, although we may lose some life, so it will be important for us to touch the medicine cabinet in the box.

Free Fire Garena how to get out of the building

To go down on the continent, it is necessary to do it with precaution, one lies on one of the pivots of the building, at the edge of the roof. Once in place, we orient our body with the head outside, still lying, and we start to move slowly with the virtual joystick.

Here it is our Free Fire Garena Tips to be immortal in the game.

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