The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

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SAVE THE DATE! Trails Of Cold Steel will be available tomorrow on PC

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III is a part of the long series The Legend of Heroes series and a sequel to Trails of Cold Steel II, developed by Nihon Falcom.

The game was released primarily for PS4 in Japan since September 2017. Now, it is available for PS4 in all over the world and on PC from tomorrow 23/03/2020.


The main character, Rean Schwarzer, now a military professor, is exploring subjects such as the mysterious origins of Rean’s birth, and what others have been up to since the events of the prior games, as well as his students, and the rest of his military school friends.

Also, we will see again in this game Tita and Agate (characters from Trails in the Sky), as well as Tio and Randy (  characters from Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure).

Rean is now teaching the next generation of Class VII which consist of Juna Crawford (girl from the former state of Crossbell), Kurt Vander (whose family failed to protect the Imperial family), Altina Orion (agent of the Intelligence Division and former foe of the old Class VII), Ash Carbide (orphaned delinquent), and Musse Egret (a noble student hailing from the Lamare province).

Military Academy, Branch Campus

Class VII : Special Operations

Class VIII : Combat Tactics

Class IX : Military Finance

Military Academy

Bracer Guild

Grossbell Province

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Erebonian Empire


While training the new Class VII, Rean is ordered by the Imperial government to resolve numerous conflicts arising all over Erebonia as part of the campus’s field exercises, of which his old Class VII classmates assist him with. The incidents were instigated by Ouroboros in preparation to take back the Phantasmal Blaze Plan stolen by Chancellor Osborne at the end of the civil war. Also operating behind the scenes is an ancient group known as the Gnomes, now operating under the Black Workshop moniker, with their agent Azure Siegfried being present in each incident.

During the field exercise in Heimdallr and in conjunction with the Summer Festival, Ash is possessed by a curse and attempts to assassinate the Emperor, critically wounding him. Chancellor Osborne then assumes power as the interim emperor while Emperor recovers from his wounds, and blames the neighboring Calvard Republic for the assassination attempt, creating a casus belli for war. Rean and his friends eventually come into contact with Roselia of the Hexen Clan, an immortal witch who had been watching over Erebonia for centuries. Roselia explains that over a thousand years ago, Erebonia’s ancestors waged war on each other using the Sept-Terrions of Earth and Fire. Both Sept-Terrions eventually destroyed each other and fused to become the Sept-Terrion of Steel, the “Great One”. Realizing the danger of this new entity, two groups, the Hexen Clan and the Gnomes, split the Great One into seven pieces and sealed them away in the seven Divine Knights, which include Rean’s mecha Valimar.

Rean later discovers that Chancellor Osborne, Ouroboros, and the Gnomes have allied together to unleash Great One’s sealed Curse all across Zemuria, which would usher in the “Great Twilight” that will end the world. Rean and his friends attempt to stop Osborne, forced to fight their way through Ouroboros, the Gnomes’ operatives, and Osborne’s Ironbloods. However after Millium sacrifices herself to protect Rean and her sister Altina, Rean loses control of his Ogre powers through rage, transforming Valimar into an evil looking entity, as well as permanently unlocking Rean’s Ogre power. Rean and Valimer then go on rampage, violently murdering the black beast, which releases the Curse. Osborne, Crow, Rutger, and Arianrhod then summon their Divine Knights and defeat and capture Rean and Valimar.

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Together with his new classmates in Class VII, Rean will forge unbreakable bonds, face overwhelming odds, and find his place in the world.

Stay tuned and wait for the Trails of Cold Steel III release.

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