Valorant: Ascent Map Guide

Valorant Ascent Map Showcase

After a closed beta and a few days of server shutdown, Valorant is available again and this time everyone has access to it. Among the new products on offer is a new map, Ascent. Here it is our Valorant Ascent map guide.

Valorant Map

First of all, let’s take a look at the lore of the menu if you are passionate about it. Ascent is a map that takes place in Italy. It has the particularity of having a large open combat zone in its center, representing the village square.

All around this square, there will be a series of corridors which will cross the card right through and which will give access to the card installation points. There are two of them, one to the northeast of the map and the other to the northwest from the point of view of the attackers. For more details, we have provided you with the detailed Ascent map below:

Valorant Ascent Map

Point A

Point A is that located in the northeast part of the map (always from the point of view of the attackers). It is quite open although there are crates and nooks to hide as a defender. A wooden platform will even give you a little height, or the possibility of hiding underneath.

From the attackers’ point of view, there are three entry points. The first two will ask you to go through the middle line to reach the point, either by its southwest part or by the wooden platform going around. The third option will be forcing to go through the small corridor that leads to the main entrance to the point facing south.

Valorant Ascent Map Point A

Point B

The second point of Ascent is a bit special since the Spike’s landing zone is located below the rest of the map. You will have several hiding places where you can take lines and surprise enemies. You can also go to the balcony in the eastern part of the square to get a little height and watch the main entrance.

Again, you will have three entries as a striker on this second point and again. Two will ask you to go through the middle and the famous central square of the map. You can then come out at the balcony level we just talked about or go around and arrive from the north. Finally, you can try to force your way through the main entrance which is to the south. Once the Spike landed, you will have only two lines to watch to prevent enemies from defusing it. A large building occupying the central part.

Finally, this was our Valorant Ascent map guide, hope it will help you.


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