Valorant: Tips and tricks to progress

Some tips and tricks to progress and become better at Valorant.

In any competitive FPS, you need to master the game and a lot of training to be able to win. And Valorant is no exception to the rule. If you don’t have hundreds of hours on Counter-Strike, you can quickly be lost when faced with the difficulty of the title. So here are our tips and tricks to progress and train in Valorant.

Valorant: Tips and tricks to progress

The universal key of Valorant:

Obviously, the basis of everything is knowledge. Knowing what all agents are doing is essential to adapt to situations. Start by carefully reading all of their skills. If you can, try to play a few games with each. You will have a better idea of what they can do and their limits.

Same thing for weapons and maps. Take a little time in the training area to test all the weapons you have. You will not use them all, but it is important to recognize which are strong and which to avoid completely.

Valorant Gameplay tips:

Basic advice:

Practice always having your aim at head height, or at least torso. If you are used to playing games where your weapons block a large part of your screen (for example Overwatch), you will have the wrong reflex to move the weapon pointed towards the ground. This means that if you meet an enemy, you will need more time to target and kill him.

The aim is essential. All the advice in the world will not help you progress on Valorant if you cannot touch an elephant in a corridor. If you’re feeling in trouble, spend some time on the training card, and slaughter models.

Communicate with your team. Do you see an enemy passing by on a site? Say it! The game is much easier if you communicate, there is no question of leaving in 1v9.

But don’t communicate too much either. No question of flooding the voice every 2 seconds to say that something is happening. Clear and concise messages so everyone can focus. And be nice to your teammates in tense situations. There is no point in screaming that they are alone, with an enemy to the left, right, but finally shoot.

Advanced advice:

Take control of your economy. Do not buy every round, otherwise you will have to settle for very small weapons. The same goes for skills. You can do eco rounds where you don’t buy anything. Try to coordinate with your teammates, so as not to spend if they are in eco.

Take your time, but not too much. There’s no point in rushing into the pile like a headless chicken. Adapt to the rhythm of your team. You also don’t need to be the last one alive if you’ve abandoned your teammates and are lagging behind on the other side of the map.

Alternate your positions. An enemy enters your head and beats you with each duel? Don’t always stay in the same place to give it an easy kill. Force him to adapt. And ask your team for help!


You are not the best player on the planet, far from it. You will therefore make many mistakes, especially in your first games. And that’s normal! But tell yourself that the lower you start, the more room you have to progress in Valorant.

In each round, think about what happened. Why an opponent saw you so easily. What could you have done better? The endgame screen will be very useful on this, since it will show you on the minimap the location of the players during each kill.

If you fall with much better teammates than you do, don’t be afraid to ask them for a tip or two during the game. Whether it’s on how to position yourself better, when to shift, or even where to place your skills.

We always learn more in defeat than in victory. When you get into a losing streak and feel helpless, take a break. Take a deep breath, and return with a relaxed head. If you start to get angry, you will be less effective. No need to vent your frustration on your teammates either if they are not at your level. No one in history has gotten louder because they were barked on through a saturated microphone.

You are your main opponent. But sometimes you will just come across a stronger team. Who aims better than you, faster, and moves in a much more coordinated way. These are things that happen, so don’t be discouraged.

These was our tips and tricks to help Valorant players progress in the game.

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