Xbox Series X/S: Price and release date

Xbox Series X/S: Now we know the price and release date of the next Microsoft consoles

all about Xbox Series X/S

It’s the weakest console first that leaked through the visual below. An appearance confirmed by several insiders including analyst Daniel Ahmad, renowned for his reliability.

It can’t give any guarantees about the price of the console, but that’s where Windows Central comes in. According to site sources, the Xbox Series S would sell for $ 299, compared to $ 499 for the Xbox Series X. Both consoles would be released on November 10, 2020.

Update: Microsoft has just confirmed the price and appearance of the Xbox Series S. While promising more information on the subject later.

On the technical side, we learn without surprise that the Xbox Series S would not have a Blu-Ray player. Thus allowing to drastically lower its price. This entry-level model must be able to run the same games as the Xbox Series X, but in a lower graphics resolution. Still according to Windows Central, the power of the console would be similar to that of an Xbox One X. But with a different architecture, since the console is built around the revolution of this generation: the SSD.

Xbox All Access around the world

For the launch of its two consoles, Microsoft would count on the Xbox All Access. A subscription plan available all over the world – including in France. For $ 35 per month (for an Xbox Series X) or $ 25 per month (for an Xbox Series S) and a 24-month commitment, gamers would receive a new console.

A formula that smooths the price barrier to purchase, while ensuring consumer loyalty. Especially since Xbox All Access also includes access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the duration of the subscription.

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